Do you prepare before your therapy session?


New Here
I have a routine: I try to keep therapy the same day every week at the same time and I structure the day around it before and after.
The evening before I take a moment to reflect on what happened to me the last week and what I want to discuss and even write it down.
If I do trauma treatment, I try to go to bed early and plan some physical activities or hobbies after the session to distract myself and go back to the present.
I also have always the same drink before and during the session bc it gives me comfort.


I usually bring a piece of paper to therapy where I’ve outlined thoughts, questions and concerns. It’s nice to refer to my notes, especially because my mind goes blank so easily.

But lately I wonder if I’m controlling the session too much. I’m times I am anticipating what my next words are rather than listening to any input my therapist my have. I’m wondering if I’d have a more successful session if I just eat what’s on my mind in the moment.
What do you all do?
I prepare. I review the last session. Look for issue I have further questions about or a question about what my T said that needs exploring or something I reacted to. May see a relationship to another behavior upon reflection.
If that's all clear, I look at what's been going on since last session. Usually some item will stick out that has been particularly bothersome. Could be something I read, here for example, that hit home, something that happened at work, a feeling that's bugging me, a question.
If I don't prepare, a lot goes unaccomplished. Time is wasted. I can talk about the weather, news or nothing of import the whole session!