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Does this count as trauma?

I’ve never gone.

I did mercenary shit, after discharge, which normalizes the idea of NOT counting on your country to take care of you (like they do in the UK/AU/Most other first world countries except the US… and Denmark, Switzerland, etc. that mostly use mercenaries & as such are due “nothing” beyond what the avg citizen is dire… which is still more than the US grants it’s vets. ).

I never even claimed my GI Bill benefits. Just because? I. Could. Not. Handle. The. VA.

You did.

Hell yeah. Good on.

As a solo-indivudal you took on a country whose motto is “When it absolutely, positively, has to be destroyed… overnight.” And did battle with it.

I am always AWED by the people who attempt it.

That’s no small feat.

Good on.
I didn't have a choice. It was va crisis line or jail or worse.
All you can do is be honest. It's hard I know cause you trigger yourself when talking about stuff. My therapist told me just be honest when I had my psych report done and yeah rambling has got to be in there for PTSD cause the lady evaluating me didn't think I was crazy. She pretty much came to the conclusion that I have been through a lot and that would make sense why I'm suffering from PTSD and thats what her diagnosis was. So rambling I don't think is going to hurt your evaluation. In fact it might only help confirm you have PTSD. Good luck.
Ya idk.
It's actually quite good when you realise your "more f*cked up" than you thought you were, because it means your actually improving and getting well. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell!!!
I have no identity friend. I dont even mind. They keep asking what do I want and I didn't know. Then it hit me. I thought when I got mad that was my identity issue. But I realized that I dont want anything.

I think my ex is a narcissist. I think she's abusive to my daughter emotionally. She definitely was emotionally and physically abusive to me.

I told the courts if they don't help her I dont know what I will do.

I begged the courts to get her a mental health evaluation. They f*cking better.