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Effexor, fantastic and fears

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@ruborcoraxxx I called the pdoc yesterday and the assistant took my message that I was going to go back to 37.5 because of weird side effects at 75. I actually was wanting a response or someone calling to tell me if I should stick it out on 75 or stay on 37.5 but no one called back. I’m used to managing SI in general, but I worry when it gets mixed in with dissociation.
Better safe than sorry! My pdoc told me an option is to diminish the doses even more to have smoother transitions, that has to be done with your pharmacist who makes the preparation so it can be cumbersome but apparently it isn’t rare. So you would have 37.5 + 18.75 caps to take or something alike, sorry I’m terrible at maths!
I called the pharmacist yesterday. I asked if the weird thoughts at 75 would ever level out and go away. He said “no.” He said if the lower dose was helping me, I should be able to stay there. I switched back yesterday and am having a killer headache this morning. My system is able to breathe and remain calm and I’ve been working on my work schedule which usually causes me an abundance of stress. This headache is really bad and worse if I lay down. I actually woke up with it. When I first started the med, I had this kind of headache and it went away in a few days so I wonder if it is back due to the one day switch. I know a one pill switch and my symptoms seem a bit extreme, but I did read that this is possible with this med. I took some Tylenol and all I want to do is sleep.
Pristiq (the one I take - I have previously tried effexor) is desvenlafaxine, a modified version of effexor. I maintain a small baseline dose, which I jack up during difficult periods, rather than coming off it completely each time.

It's very individual how these meds work, tinkering with the dose makes a lot of sense to me. I hope it works out well when all the moving factors are taken into account.
Sideways, may I ask what dosage is your small baseline dose? I have been on Pristiq since I developed PTSD 15 years ago, after years of depression and anxiety. ( I see my other posts on Pristiq say 8 years. I dont have the brain space to work out ho long its been. You understand.)

My baseline dose is 100mg and I go up to 200mg a day when I am under prolonged stress. I have been on that dose now for over a year and its one I have often needed to be on as I have dealt with ongoing family issues.

If I have an unusual stressor come into my life, I add a night-time dose of 100mg for 2-3 days. This stops the slide into a deep hole for me.

I was recently told by a one-off Psych consult that 100mg is the "Therapeutic dose" and that anything over that does not have any effect. I have proven that to be incorrect multiple times.

I did go onto a trial of Effexor for three weeks but found that my melancholic crying returned quickly. I dont have that with Pristiq and I changed back from Effexor to Pristiq with no ill effects.

I have done several trials of other meds over the years but always come back to100-200mg per day AM Pristiq with 7.5 mg - 15mg Serepax at night before bed. This regime seems to suit me best. I do have issues at times with my GP being Hypervigilant in case of dependence on Serepax, which is so annoying and adds to my stress.

I was offered Mertazipine by the same Psych, to take at night for sleep, but he failed to mention that is the worst med for rapid weight gain, which I knew from my own studies, so I refused his offer.

Glad to see Pristiq is useful for you too.
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@Flossy my daughter also tried mirtazapine at night, but it was specifically started to help her gain weight and sleep—but it made her sick. The Effexor was keeping her too trim. We put her on birth control and she gained 15 lbs and her weight stabilized. “Fun” how these drugs mess so much with our weight.
My baseline dose is 100mg and I go up to 200mg a day when I am under prolonged stress.
I'm very similar - my baseline dose is 150mg, I jack it up to anywhere between 200 - 300mg (all in the morning) when I'm struggling. My metabolism tends towards needing higher doses for meds to be effective.
Well…today was the day that I tried to move my dose up to 75. I was doing well on 37.5. This new dose had some weird stuff. I had immediate diarrhea after taking it, but that wasn’t a big deal. Then at lunch time I started to fall asleep. Went for a drive and felt some derealization. Also some SI. I sat in a park and felt high. It felt like the leaves were somehow communicating with me. I knew it wasn’t real, but it was weird. I had a similar affect back when I tried cymbalta. All of this unreal stuff and beauty made me feel like I didn’t have control which increased my anxiety. Once I settled down from that I felt a warm burning feeling in my lower stomach that felt good. Things tapered off a bit and by evening I felt mildly depressed. I think I’ll go back to 37.5 for the time being. Also, wtf is wrong with me?
I take the Effexor 150 mg in the morning but mirtazipine 15 mg at night. If you do Effexor in the morning alone it will make you sleepy but when coupled with a low dose of mirtazipine they have a synergistic effect. The mirtazipine knocks you out and the Effexor gives you a kickstart in the morning. I also take Prazosin for nightmares and buspar for anxiety. So don’t know if it’s a combination of all or what but it’s working so I am not changing it. The Effexor will give you a headache especially if you do not take it at the same time daily or without food. Once you are regulated it will change for the better. It is very hard to come off of.
I still take 1800 mg of trileptal at night (for sleep and anxiety). Also, I take 200 mg of magnesium, florester probiotoc and 5000 of vitamin D. The 37.5 mg of Effexor seems to really be helping.
I'm very similar - my baseline dose is 150mg, I jack it up to anywhere between 200 - 300mg (all in the morning) when I'm struggling. My metabolism tends towards needing higher doses for meds to be effective.
I totally missed this post and had been wanting to know what your dosage is.

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