Undiagnosed EMDR recommended?


I did therapy for six years after my breakdown, and I'm pretty stable now. I've had lots of medical issues too and I was really afraid of getting cancer but I got it and it's gone now so that's one less fear, lol.


Never undermine your PTSD. I would highly recommend you read the book "Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving" by Pete Walker.
I'd recommend a diagnosis first.

To the OP: Lots of stuff you listed could potentially be traumatic dependent on circumstances. But the verbal abuse from patients, I'm genuinely curious if you feel traumatised by it? Cos you listed it, but (rightly or wrongly) it's pretty much 100% guaranteed when you become a nurse (Or doctor or any kind of first responder). Not that I think that's okay, I'm just curious how you, personally, view it?