My therapist recommended I write a letter to my bio dad- here's how it went


It was recommended to write a letter to my bio parents. To talk about how I felt and about what had happened. I struggled to put it into words, really, all the emotions I was feeling. But in a way, it was freeing. Here's what I ended up with.
well done cuppanina. i find such letters immensely liberating. the first time i carried through on this recommendation was in the 70's and an addiction was born. i still find it one of my more effective channeling tools. i write letters to just about anybody who stirs conflict within me. the jerk off creating traffic hazards. . . the 2 year old who just spilled her drink over my omelet. . . whoever. . . whatever. . . my goal is to release and/or focus the turmoil inside my own head/heart.

however. . .

i have had miserable results from delivering such letters to the offending party. i've painted myself into many a counterproductive corner with such deliveries. my personal favorite thing to do after the writing is done is to use the letters for "letting go rituals." for the offending 2 year old, covering the vent in colorful pictures was enough. she can't read, so she was not offended by my language. for the jerkoff creating traffic hazards, a flick of my bic sends her off in a satisfying puff of smoke. for the perpetrator haunting my dreams, i might fold the letter into a paper boat and place the boat in a stream of moving water and watch the boat run into the street gutter with the rest of life's detritus. or? ? ? i do let myself get creative on the letting go rituals. every round is unique.