EVERY idea possible for side income on computer?

Can you tutor? I teach a lot of people how to use excel, for example. You could teach that, art, organization skills? Also writing/copyediting?

It's always hard to get clients at first so I'm not sure if any computer gigs are really that good for cash NOW. Have you tried/been able to access any sort of charity or social service that can help with cash? Is it possible to do anything in person, like cleaning or giving a tour or working at a retail store?


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depending on what skills you have, you could do some stuff on fiverr. I've not made much on there (about £17 per art piece) because I'm an artist on there and the market is quite saturated, but other skills I am sure you could earn a lot. Maybe worth looking into at least.


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I know some people sell art commissions through Instagram (using different paying methods). Also medical writers I heard get paid a lot and that one is remote? Hope stuff goes well!