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Exhaustion After Panic - Do Others Feel This?

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It depends on the day. By my one or two (or three and four) a day I mean that I have high anxiety symptoms all day with two or three "peaks" where I am overwhelmed totally and mindless.

Of course hopless doc tells me to take away the stressors. WTF????
I don't think I have panic attacks the way you guys describe... I do get frightened suddenly a lot though, then angry, and then I want to be alone for long periods. And God help anyone who tries to invade my privacy when I want to be alone!!!! After getting scared though I do feel very tired, so I think I know what you mean.
lol that is partially what I feel during my anxiety attacks hon.

I'd just pretend they weren't there for the majority of the time and then freak out a couple of times a day.
When I had my anxiety attack last night, it wiped me out and I was asleep within 30 minutes. I even slept through the alarm this morning. Since it had been a few months since my last one, I'd forgotten how damn draining they are. All day was yawns, coffee and walks when I felt myself fading.

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today and mentioned the anxiety attack and she asked, 'Does it really wipe you out when it happens?' I had a small internal chuckle about that and thought about this thread.:tongue:

Yep Bec, or maybe they went to the same school.

Hee, Marlene, at least you didn't go all sarcastic (my last conversation with doc, No, it's all in my head, I make the blasted things up for attention)
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