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Feeling Down After Seriously Being Stabbed...

Discussion in 'Assault' started by dustinM, Dec 29, 2010.

    I got stabbed in the stomach by my friends uncle for no reason about five months ago. I got really bad ptsd symptoms. I've been going to counseling for it for a couple of months. I think about it every day, so I feel your pain. But things get better. It's a day by day process. But it totally changed my life. I stopped partying, started going to college to be a med assistant, and I'm a changed man. So just stay strong. You're in my prayers.
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  2. Donald b

    Donald b Guest

    Hey what's up Dustin my name is Brett I'm from a small town in Kansas couple years ago after losing both of my parents a month-and-a-half apart my mom died of cirrhosis of the liver and my dad. Had fibrosis of the lung they were married 44 years soon after they passed the landlord evicted me from the apartment that I shared with them because I wasn't on the lease so I moved in with my brother and best friend of 20-plus years Ben.. a couple months go by and one day Ben and I are in the living room of the trailer house talking about taking our kids to a Royals game in August I had a TV mounted on a wall I remember kicking my feet up in the recliner and flipping the channel and out of nowhere my best friend begins to stab me repeatedly in the back shoulder back of the head I'm pretty much anywhere he could before I somehow made it to my feet and was somehow able 2 flip the kitchen table over in between us so I could make a break for the back door in which I did by the grace of God my friend took off running from the trailer and was caught the next day as I laid in the ICU fighting for my life. 2 days went by I had a chest tube keeping me alive and guards outside my room until they found him 9 days later I got to come home for the first time in my life I felt completely alone as I'm going through the court proceedings about a month and a half down the road my friend was on suicide watch in the county jail and somehow managed to get ahold of 3 bath towels tying them together and around the bars where he just sit down and took his own life. I miss him very much. Years of drugs alcohol and whatever we can get our hands on 2 alter are thinking. 2 years later I think I'm still in shock I don't know how or where to begin to start to put the pieces back together I question everything about everything God saved my life and I will forever owe him and was saved to change life as I know it for myself and everyone who has ever known me my prayers are with you try to find a way to keep moving forward
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