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Feeling Down After Seriously Being Stabbed...

Discussion in 'Assault' started by dustinM, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. justice

    justice Guest

    i am in the same boat trying to figure out how to cope with it i got stabbed 9 times 1 in the back 7 in the head and one in my hand and i haven't been able to cope with it since its been 2 years now and i get really high anxiety so bad i cant leave my house im sorry to hear that that happend to you its sad to see that a person with morals trying to defend a woman like a real man can have that happend hope you found something or someone to help ya man
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  3. goon

    goon Guest

    I've been stabbed in the back of the neck and I'm different from it for sure
  4. Hi Dustin, I too was once a " Victim" of a stabbing. It was a hate crime because I am Gay. Long story short, I was 25, with a friend 18, and "The Stabber" 20.
    I'm openly gay, my friend is bi sexual and the stabber was straight (supposedly). We got to his house and me and my friend started to have sexual interactions, we wanted the stabber to join in as he was really cute. Which he allowed us to perform oral on him and he seemed to enjoy it, by the sounds.
    Earlier that nite, he had tried to strangle someone, I stopped it and we all fled. A red flag totally, which we ignored as we were on drugs (downers) and booze again, downers.
    Mid-way during sex the stabber got up and we just thought he was going to the toilet or something. He came back with a black handled butchers Knife (approx 25-30cm long).
    He stabbed me in the stomach, I fell to my knees weeping, but I didn't know I was weeping?? And begged him to stop ( I was butt naked, and so was may friend, the stabber had gt dressed).
    He then struck again slicing my left hand and severing the tendons, again I begged he struck again and got my fore arm and again getting my finger (defence wounds) I decided that getting my clothes was the least of my worries and managed to get out while holding in my intestine, which was dangling out ( about 10cm ). I heard my friend scream, he to had been stabbed in the stomach too.
    We both ended up in ICU and had undergone Laporotomy ( an incision from the pubic area, up around the belly button to the pectoral area, Google it ). For about 5 years after the stabbing, i would jump if i heard a noise (a bit like war veterans), and if something brushed up against me i would jump!!! Even my cat.
    It became normal that I didn't even recognize it. Ppl would comment and say " Matt, why are you shaking? ", I would 100%honestly reply "I'm not, seriously I'm ok!!!") It gt annoying after the first few times. One day ( 6-7 yrs later ) I noticed the Jumping had stopped. I thought "I'm not jumpy any more, wow, great!!!!".
    Doctors said I had PTSD, the anxiety is ongoing and I'm still on Valium for it. I have reduced my dose from a high level to much lower now, thankfully. At times I thought I was going mad!!!
    That nite, the only thing that kept me going, to survive, was the thought of the police telling my mother your son was stabbed to death, or died from stabbing related injuries. And also I kept thinking this is how I'm going to die!! at 25 from a stabbing, HELL NO!!!!!!!! Horrible.
    I am a Survivor now, and not a victim. I am reminded every single day when I look at my hand, or when I shower, which is mostly daily. I'm slowly getting back to normal after 12 long years. Co- coincidently, I saw him in social services, the day he was released, by accident. I told the lady and she hid me behind the desk.
    I believe it was God letting me know he was out. He served 7 years. I rang and spoke to the detectives and they confirmed he had been released that day, in that town!! and my then partner and myself had gone up to this town for 3 days to visit family, Co-incidence????
    I Thank God I'm still alive. God bless :)
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  5. jimbob59

    jimbob59 New Member

    Hey, how are you doing now? Denial also did me a lot of harm after some bad experiences.
  6. Suzetig

    Suzetig Still the Staff Kitteh... Moderator Sponsor $100+

    @jimbob59 this is a very old thread, albeit with a couple of relatively recent posts. The OP hadn't logged in for a number of years so isn't likely to see your response.
  7. jimbob59

    jimbob59 New Member

    Oops, I didn't notice. I just joined today,still need to get used to the interface I guess:)
  8. Suzetig

    Suzetig Still the Staff Kitteh... Moderator Sponsor $100+

    It's no problem, I just didn't want you to feel ignored - it takes a while to find your way around
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  9. jimbob59

    jimbob59 New Member

    Thank you
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  10. Mystery man

    Mystery man Guest

    Hi I have been stabbed also but not as bad as u have, I got stabbed twice on the higher left leg. I understand completely the way no one understands or can relate how u feel, I was very depressed after, I went from being a popular out going 19 year old to a recluse, I never wanted to leave my house. Police got the person and tried moreless forcing me to go court but I couldn't I chose to basically let him get away with it to stop everyone calling me a snitch and worse. Even though never to my face i knew everyone was talking about how I was a pu**y for getting stabbed like I'm not superman what was I supposed to do. I will always be changed and never forget what happened but one thing I understand things change in time. It's been about a year and a half since and I'm moreless the same person just more cautious, this is with the person still out on the streets with moreless getting away with it. I just hope u deal with it ok because I didn't, I wish I could change country or even no exist but I'm getting better. I understand what it's like mate.
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  11. Kevdude

    Kevdude Guest

    hey justin, when I was 21 a guy came to my hotel room to try and stab me to death. I tried to defend myself but was cut very badly in 4 places, words cannot express what these traumatic moments do to our spirit and our soul. seek help brother because it's really tough to do it alone, I'm not sure it's possible to be honest. My biggest regret was going to that hotel that night, but after 4 years my highest regret is never having seen a trauma therapist
  12. A.M

    A.M Guest

    Hi, to the last replier:

    I was stabbed fairly recent too. Almost everywhere on my body 10 times. I am often always down about but I manage to still go on with life to seem normal. It's very common to feel like a recluse as well as feel so extremely down by others who pass judgement on you and your experience but stand strong because you have been strong this far by your survival alone.<3

    You got this.
  13. Parker Smith

    Parker Smith Guest

    Well I got stabbed by my 19 year old son over 40 times and miraculously survived with seemingly no permanent damage, just scars all over neck cheek ear arms chest leg back shoulder. My lung collapsed. I had two blood transfusions chest tube over 60 staples. He was using two kitchen knives. I know this is an old thread. He had mental illness and took a lot of steroids. That was two months ago. I’ve been coping but it’s becoming old news to everyone else to me it’s still fresh. I was going to therapy but stopped. I think I’m ok. Don’t do drugs kids.
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