Feeling invaded by my surroundings


There is also @ziter Sensory Processing disorder, sensitivity in a way. (For example lighting, esp fluorescent, or tags on shirts, or the feel of some foods in the mouth, or the volume of sound- especially if you hear what's coming from every corner (hypervigilance) etc.

I was thinking, there is anxiety in all flavours: worries; anxiety from not feeling competent; avoidance; Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria; generalized/ body revved up; anxiety over potential forgetfulness, etc. And hypervigilance, panic attacks, dread, all the mental component we attach too,, and/or how we can beat ourselves up about even being anxious, or hypervigilant, or not doing what we wished we could do easily. And more, but all I can think of atm.

But I do think peaceful surroundings are worth their weight in gold. As are safe people, and peaceful or positive thoughts/ support.

my only option is to hyperfocus on something.

^^ This is really a wonderful gift. (Probably one part one of your strengths, one part honed skill).