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Flashbacks Result Iin Partner Getting Physically Abused

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bec, this is all about learning, the more we ask the better we can be. Oh, I hope I do not have to have major work done. My teeth have always been a pride to me. Always asked did I have braces and teased that I had the "colgate smile". Heck, you could be teased for worse! I was very lucky with my teeth.

Dentist well I went about oh 10 to 12 years ago to do the wisdom? And at that point I also had another tooth done but they had to sedate me and put some type of pry in there to hold my mouth open. I do not recall a bit of it but according to those around me every other word out of my mouth was the F word and not a person close to me was not told off. I was told I embarassed sailors... opps. Apparently I told the doc exactly what I thought. Thankfully no recall but not nice to be told I acted that way.
Please folks, i.e. "Editors" of forum. Could you please change the title of my thread. You make me sound like a monster who physically hits women. The altering of the thread really upsets me, as it makes me out to be something that I'm not. (A Wife Beater).
And why has the subject of dentistry came from. This is about flashbacks and nightmares, not the blooming dentist.
YoungAndAngry said:
When I wake up there is usually a distinct sweaty figure of myself on the sheets.
If I don't leave the covers off of my bed that day, my sheets will still be soaked when I go to bed that night.
I cry, whine, whimper, yell, talk and clench my teeth while I sleep... it's really exhausting after an extended period of time.

Cheers Mate thats ok. Don't upset yourself.
Scott, I changed the title of the thread to reflect what the thread is about, and that is what its about. Your not the first one to post about this subject, so don't worry, nor feel bad, nor will people think your a wife beater or the like after reading your initial post... nobody with PTSD anyway.

I have done two presentations in the [DLMURL="http://www.ptsdforum.org/misc.php?do=page&template=learning"]PTSD learning center[/DLMURL] already about this topic, and there is another two for me to put in there when time permits. Deprogramming is about understanding what the military has done too you, which allows you the knowledge to then help yourself undo it.
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I cry, whine, whimper, yell, talk and clench my teeth while I sleep... it's really exhausting after an extended period of time.

My dentist already had to fit me with a mouth guard to wear @ night.
It's really unattractive looking... but I've already cracked one molar with my clenching...

Ummm... any thing else you wanted to know?

She asked if there were any more questions... People other than yourself will respond to posts within a thread, as that is how we learn. She mentioned it so we asked. Now why does that get your feathers ruffled?
Hi Anthony, thanks for your reply, its just that when I saw it I was very shocked, it made me sound like a bully to my wife. Anyway if I hit her she would hit me back harder, and quite rightly so.

And on to you Veiled, I did get my feathers ruffled as you said. And my knickers in a twist as we say over here. It was just a bit strange to be talking about flashbacks and nightmares and then the subject went on to dentistry.
Sorry to have gotten on my High Horse about it. Please accept my apologies.
Scott: i clench all night long, through nightmares and flashbacks.. plus all day. hence why it is relevant to this thread..

I was going to say don't feel bad about the title, i've decked my kids in my sleep. They have since learned how to wake me up safely.

scott, nobody thinks you're an abuser. my husband has hit me in his sleep, and he doesn't have ptsd. it 'a an accident.
I think most people with PTSD would have been woken by someone during a nightmare or shaken through a flashback, and likely retaliated through pure instinct, not so much conscious thought. Military are just worse for the training they have.
Hi Cathy
Thanks for your kind words. I know it was an accident and so does Kim. What did you say to him when it happened.
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