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Flashbacks Result Iin Partner Getting Physically Abused

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LOL Scott, it is OK to get your knickers in a twist (we say britches or panties in a bunch) It is nature of the beast... We all get our britches in a bunch sometimes. :)

But if you get headaches a bit and have nightmares a lot it would be good for you too to keep an eye out for it and know you could pobably end of with teeth problems. Never hurts to have extra info.
Thanks Veiled, Anyway I don't usually get my knickers in a twist, Like you I normally go Commando LOL. (Don't wear any)
Scott, no worries on this subject. I don't have PTSD myself, yet I have done this to my wife, my sons as well, during the decompression period right after deployment. I believe it's quite common with soldiers.

Scott Fraser said:
Like you I normally go Commando LOL. (Don't wear any)

I just wanted to clarify in case there was a misread like I had LOL... I do not go commando! And that is what they say out here too. I gotta have my britches on to get them in a bunch :rofl:
Hi Jim
Yes its very common with soldiers who have been in combat. But I suffered mine from doing peace-keeping duties when my Regiment was working with the UN in Bosnia 1992-93. I saw attrocities there which no soldier should be allowed to see. If you read my introduction thread, it will tell you more. Unfortunately in the UK once you come out the Army you are dumped on the Scrapheap and left to look after yourself, including any illnesses that you may have either mental or battle scars. Unfortunately my injuries are in my head. Sometimes I wish I'd been wounded properly, as I feel I wouldn't be in this state that I am now.
Cheers Jim
Hi Scott,
I don't know how the UK military view the subject, but the American military have a rule that you are not held accountable for your actions for the first 5 seconds after you wake up. I'm sure they had a few bad experiences with that to actually make it part of military law. That's why, when you see a military movie and the platoon sargeant comes in and wakes the men, he'll be hitting a trash can or an empty bunk to wake them, to avoid getting hit himself. I only had one woman tell me I hit her in my sleep, and when I asked what I was doing in my sleep and what she did, she explained that I was tossing and turning, sweating alot, and saying things in a forceful way, and she tried to comfort me by holding me. I think what that did was add the feeling of being restrained to my already overwhelming dream, so I lashed out to get free. And I've never hit a woman in my life. It would have been nice to get a pamphlet, as I was getting out of the army, that told me what kinds of things to expect. I felt guilty too, but you honestly aren't responsible for what you do in your sleep. I hope this helped ease your conscience.

Who was it that said they get get anxious every time something big and bulky is in their mouth:naughty::wink:. Isn't that like, a sexual innuendo? HA! HA! HA!
To veiled:
You might try looking for a dentist who specializes in childrens dentistry, no really. That's what I did, and I felt foolish walking in and avoiding all the Legos on the floor, but I spent alot of time at dentists when I was a kid, and I didn't relish re-living what I went through then. And it was the right thing, too because a childrens dentist HAS to be gentle, or they won't have any customers left. And here's where I'll get funny again. The dentist was a female, so I didn't get anxious when she put something big and bulky in my mouth:biggrin:, but she got a little flushed in the face when I told her to be gentle:biggrin:.
Hippy, that is really a good idea, thank you. I never thought of that or would have. And yes, I am still procrastinating. I brush softly and use a lot of Listerene. I must be improving after using sensodine (sp?) toothpaste as used to when nightmares were often I could not use my mouth wash without pain. Now I can even floss again. But the cracks are still there.
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