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Guest Number Increase


Some may have noticed some ridiculous amounts of guests online. Well... that is some recent fake rubbish that has gotten through the firewall and pretending to be a browser using Amazon Compute servers. The figures don't show bots, they only show actual members and then guests online, but guests can be faked and really its automated scraping or such.

I have been watching this for the past week or two, looking at patterns and sources, and I think I have it nailed down and effectively mitigated. Fingers crossed, it should show close to actual real humans being online here again.

Fake traffic consumes server resources, which are better spent on actual humans to ensure their browsing experience is snappy.
For those that like images, this paints a better picture of the growth rubbish traffic, then a new firewall action, then the outcome. Someone got greedy and made me look deeper.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 083040.png