Has anyone experienced starting with someone new during the pandemic?


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I lost my therapist in May 2019, she moved to a new city.

A therapy service replaced her with four new therapist. It took a long time for the clinic to get sorted. They finally started virtual services about 4-5 months ago....I told them I was not interested. I said I would wait for an in person appointment. I have an appointment on November 27th.

Virtual services may work for some but to me it’s “therapist-lite”. :)


I think your lack of trust in the processing probably relates to the issues that is bringing you to therapy. Sometimes it is easier to focus on things, institutions or processes rather than our own issues coming to the surface. Do you think focusing on the camera may be an avoidance tactic of trust issues in general which would have come even if you were in person meeting?

Perhaps, you can just talk about other things until you deal with this trusting issue which is also valid considering you are just meeting with this person. My opinion is do not be so hard on yourself. This pandemic is causing a lot of changes and who knows when any therapist will be in person; so it is worth to focus on the message (trust issue) rather than the medium(literally the video). Also the fact they are using HIPPA compliant site is 100% plus.


Sometimes therapists will do telephone sessions instead of video. Maybe that would be an option to explore? Eventually the pandemic will pass and in person work can resume.