Has my abusive ex changed?


Another thing that I had to deal with suite often is the thought of what if the motherf*cker is happy with someone else! Then I feel like I spent so much energy trying to make it right and someone else harvests my work. It's really batshit logics but really it stung me for a long long time.

It's hard to grieve our efforts towards happines and understanding they were misguided and also abused. Doesn't mean we don't have it anymore. Fortunately love isn't finite and it's not as if you have away something that you lost. There will be the time these thoughts and feelings will ease and your heart be open again. Trauma bonding is very long to sever and it hurts very much. Often way more than a normal break up. Much more. The pain will ease off. But it's normal to feel pain in all sorts of weird says inclusively feeling afraid for the new person while being jealous at the same time.

I'm sorry for my first message it looks like it comes across a bit brutally but I really empathize with you and understand where you're at and I'm happy to hear that you've picked YOU and decided to address this hot mess. It's your courage and your merit and nobody can take it away from you. You got this!


How did it go with therapy? It's none of my business but I'm wondering if you successful bringing it up. I'm safe, by the way, my ex has no idea where I am. I hope you continue to succeed in life, I'm amazed how strong you are.
Thank you. Therapy went well. Along with the others, my therapist said similar things but what stuck out most was her telling me to focus on the positive things in my life. I agree. I’m glad you’re safe and thank you 💜