How did this go from DBT to The Secret?!


I came off a waitlist today for a different telehealth IOP. With much trepidation, I logged in.

It was much smaller (instead of 15 clients just 6), no religious teachings by the therapist at all, and it was easy to tell ACT, CBT, and DBT therapies were used. The therapist isn't a trauma therapist but is clearly trauma informed and was able to speak about PTSD with knowledge. The other clients all seem nice enough too. The therapist is already working on a long term plan of care with me, which I've never really had before. Nice to have this additional validation I made the right choice to bail on the other program.

Thankfully, the other program has stopped contacting me! Their billing dept confirmed they will not bill insurnace and they are working on approval to write off the charges entirely. *fingers crossed*
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