How do you ask people for help?

Rani G

but when I tried to say how bad things are I ended up talking about how I realise how difficult everything is for everyone in the company.

Your words really struck a chord here, as I have had a strong tendency to communicate in a similar pattern. When I was in a situation that was stressful for me, and I desperately needed a solution I suddenly skipped that part and began to generalize, saying that for others the stress is equally present. Unfortunately there was an aftermath of that which was destructive.

It took me a very long time to implement self-compassion excercises/attachment based yoga ect (I used to feel that these were superficial quick fixes with no significance)To realize that in the moment of suffering lies an unmet need and that I am able to influence my inner emotional landscape when I can address my feelings in a new and safe way.


I think actively wanting to understand the source of emotions is, surely, a liberating intention.
I am of the mindset that "The truth shall set you free". So that is not just being aware but being aware of what something means.
I am not in the mindset of dogmatically adhering to any ideology, because that limits you. And saying that "distraction" is, perhaps a negative? No, i think distraction a necessary ploy, at times. It has its place.

We are here to use our intellectual capacity. We are here to bring love into it (life), we are here to learn to transcend fear, and to understand it's purpose and become wise.

But, also,I am more discerning and knowing what I want and so, because of that and my various limitations pertaining to my life situation, as well as the climate of the situation we all are dealing with, I am having A LOT of barriers and hold ups with getting T.

@mumstheword Totally agreeing with the "truth shall set you free." I've lived around dysfunctional lying/dishonest people who don't get feelings....they don't feel themselves. I think feelings and values go hand in hand....I look at the people who aren't in touch.....then look at their value system that they practice (not the one they pay lip service to-the one they walk) and you have to be able to feel emotions, consider another's point of view or their own feelings in that situation, to stand in someone else's shoes and empathize.

I also agree that when you are at the bottom, and just learning about feelings and dysfunction, trauma stuff......a canned approach to get you headed in the right direction is helpful.....depending upon needs. But I don't follow one particular philosophy either......we have to use our brain and figure out what works for us individually. It is what we bring to life that we remember, when our time is running out, and I don't intend to stick to one dogma or another....but I need to find what fits for me and work it in life.

Distractions are a key to becoming functional, in my distractions are positive coping mechanisms. You are on point about getting past fear.....PTSD is clearly a fear-based disorder....get to dealing with what creates the fear, understand the emotions behind the fear.....the warped thinking we buy into from being "in fear high gear" (cognitive distortions), get grounded in reality......not maintain distorted thoughts, and it's my belief that is more or less the path to getting and staying stable and finding contentment in life......making us able to make good life long memories.....

On a different sorry about you having barriers to finding a T....been there, done that.....for me it wasn't a good place to be, either. Good luck making that happen!
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