How do you avoid avoidance?


I am so tired of living in a cluttered home. I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING. Dust is in a lot of places, even though I do dust occasionally. I live in an apartment, so it is getting awful crowded in here. I want to donate to charity, what I no longer use. However it is so hard to ask someone to drive me there. Also, I have no clue which thrift stores are open and taking donations. So I am kind of at a standstill on this project. Any suggestions?

You like art, so consider organizing all your art stuff first....that will be kinda fun (it is for me) and get you moving...I bet it's all in one general location, and if it isn' will be fun to organize it (If I'm gonna clean, I like to clean my art space first ...over everything else). If there are any other things that sound like "interesting organization" or things you can't find....that you'd like to use in the near future, look for's rewarding finding lost cool stuff. I start by organizing something of interest....and when I've accomplished that....usually I look around at another doable space ( a couple hrs) and organize area by I can see progress but not be overwhelmed by the thought....of "I'll never get it all done, so I might as well not start."

I watch a lot of organizing videos on YouTube and without even planning on it, it motivates me to get up and get that one small cleaning task done. And a lot of diary entries are "I wasn't planning on it but I did XYZ cleaning today" and it was because that video motivated me to get up and get a small task done. So, maybe find some good organizational videos that will motivate you? I don't know if organizational videos motivates everyone but I think half the battle with avoidance is finding what motivates you, you know?

That's a good idea.

I also give myself a reward if I get something cleaned after I organize this.....then I'll watch x show and have a chocolate fudge bar. No fudge bar till it's done.


I and my inner child made some progress today on this. Inner child wanted to organize our pen pal stuff. So we did. We did the laundry, we cooked some of my Daddy's lentil soup recipe, we organized some stuff... I didn't really feel like doing all this, so inner child had to be the enthusiastic one. She did a good job, we got quite a bit done.