How to slow down an anxious, adrenaline junkie?


I ignore the ‘listen to your body’ business.
Thank you. I will. 😂 What a bunch of hippie-dippy crap. Do I look like a lotus flower to you??? Way to turn me off. Geez. I'd have been more interested if he told me to go light a building on fire.

Doing that is what got me in trouble to begin with. My BODY? Wants to go-go-go. Bigger, faster, stronger, better, NOW. And again! Again! Again, now!.
Excellent point. And if I'm in the process of trying to stifle those urges, I am left with aching to death which is what? Depressing.. Really damned depressing.

It’s a different kind of competition to charge myself with.
Very interesting - a whole lot more interesting than folding myself in half and just being 😂
I knew there had to be a better way.

Today we made it to the age old real shit - Wendy, you need find a way to quiet your brain down from time to time.
I've got bullets.

Hey, I watch old episodes of The Simpsons nightly and pass out inside of a giant heating pad tube a couple of times a week and pet my cats, too -- there is progress happening here, buddy. I forgive him. He doesn't know. 🤣


I have Mindfulness and Headspace added on my phone. There are many others also.
I have a few guided meditations saved on YouTube. I will use them again, at some point (probably soon), but it really feels like every cell in my body is against it.


How about meditation? It sounds like your a busy person so it might help. I've done some meditation before and loved it. We used to do full body scans and it was great. 😊
Thank you.

Somehow I failed to report that my butt hurts really bad. Part of my aversion to "slowing down" is that people do a lot of sitting for that, as in meditation. I have chronic tendinitis in my hamstring tendon and sitting on it is awful. Right now I am on my bed with a heating pad topped bed wedged rammed up against the lower portion of my glute. It's ok, but I feel like a float tank is the only way I am really going to relax. I have to put a pillow under my thigh to sleep but it feels like it never stops being tight and uncomfortable.

The PT is being real, though: I am wired to go and go some more and this is not helping me to recover. Learning to meditate would be in my best interest and I know it but man, it's hard to think I might be able to stand doing it. And this is even with knowing that I have done it and didn't hate it. Nevertheless, the mere idea of trying to sit still goes completely against my nature and knowing that sitting hurts has just made the whole notion of sitting still seem counter-productive. He gave up on the yoga idea with me on Monday and now his best suggestion is meditation, so it's a good suggestion. I just have to follow directions better.


Part of my aversion to "slowing down" is that people do a lot of sitting for that, as in meditation.
There are walking meditations... that’s what those incrediably intricate knots on the floor of a lot of churches/monasteries are for, as an example. Tai-Chi, which has been mentioned before, is another moving-meditation. I used to meditate whilst drying my hair (as it took apx an hour at the length it was, after going to the gym, before bed)... and when doing long distance pool swimming ((I can’t count past 3 ;) If I’m doing more than 3 laps I zone the hell out / depend on someone sticking a sign down the end of the lane I’m in. Oh. Stop. Right. Blink blink. Cap off, cool water over scalp. Okay! I’m awake! What time is it? ... I can pay attention in the ocean, but not in forward, flip, back, flip, forward, flip, back, flip, forward, flip, back, flip.)) Similarly, when working on my breath control I’d just go “sit” on the bottom of the pool (or holding my nose in the bath) for 3 or 4 minutes, or swim for 2+. Barre exercises are another moving meditation, that combines exquisite awareness of form and position, in addition to slow & strength.

All or Nothing Thinking says full tilt boogie OR sit like a lump. There’s middle ground.


All or Nothing Thinking says full tilt boogie OR sit like a lump.
But I am REALLY GOOD at all or nothing thinking and I hate to throw away something I excel at 😂

I have never heard of Barre exercises. I will check that out.

Middle ground is unfortunately still pretty foreign territory. That's why I have to ask so many questions.


Choclate icecream RusselSue?

Cold-warm showers. It brings you to the baseline.:-)

Oh man - that might explain it. I am zero tolerance for switching up the shower temp. Nothing will make me wuss out faster. I used to try and do it because it is supposed to help the immune system but I would MUCH rather go for the chocolate ice cream even when my floor feels like it is about 2 degrees.