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How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

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I liked the question list. I did this with mine too years ago. I guess her being last (damn well better be) I may have relapsed into protective mode. Maybe I have not, she is just that damn scary. I already find swollen red areas and blood and she is clueless and never cried! I swear her finger looked broke today but she swore no pain. She daily hits way bigger things than her but has sense been knocked in??? Nope! I just hope that one survives, I chalk it up to having big brothers.
Today started out not so well. I got really dizzy in the shower. I got out and sat down on the floor. Then I blacked out. I woke up on the floor of the bathroom. I couldn't miss work, so I am here now. I just feel kind of out of sorts. Hopefully this too will pass. I guess maybe it is just stress. . .
Nie, please look after yourself on this. Call a doc and get checked out, we cannot always assume stress even though it can do some nasty things like this.

I know I have missed a bath for a few days from dizzy spells as I would be too afraid of wiping out in the shower or passing out in the tub. My hubby has since decided to sit with me in the bath room for those days when I am this "wonderful" feeling.

It really sucks feeling this way but make sure the doc clears this as stress related and not more serious.
It is late. Hubby just headed to bed as late night for both. Just way too much stress and tired but Advil worked shockingly enough on my head and muscles and did not puke :)

Officially it is a new day but will not feel like it until I sleep I guess. It was 10 years to the day today a very close friend died. Stayed by his side until his family had a Jerry Springer moment and lost track of his little girl and I had to go chase her down. Geee wonder why I was allowed to be with him and his blood not allowed. Never gave it too much thought I guess. He passed when I left to get her. He was only 36. Bad memories in my head over some death bed talk between doc and his wife and me damn near killing both of them. He was so scared and they were clueless.

Got updated on ex BIL through ex hub tonight. Wrecked a bike messed up and was in a coma (I have known). Now I find out it was med induced coma. Removed meds to wake him and he is messed up bad. He is a dick so not totally sorry for him but have much pain for nephews. And his suffering... Sad to see suffer. He is responsive to the extent he can wiggle fingers when asked. He cannot do anything else like simply open his eyes. Fingers are it.

My son has been ill and was when here. I finished out his med regimen doc gave him while here. He was improving for a day or two and went home to just get worse. Chest X rays bad and looks like pneumonia coming on.

Older nephew was also arrested yesterday racing. He has lots of speeding tickets and wrecked twice. Now he is looking felony and is a kid... A dumb one. At least alive.

Just crappy day.
Hey anthony..

Don't post this.. LOL Just wanted you to know.. yesterday you moderated me, I was removed from all the privates, including my diary. I got on today to read some threads, and I can not only see private areas, but read all thread including mine. So thought you would like to be aware of glitch in system.

Umm.. weird box just showed up in post.. wasn't me!
This is one of those days when I feel unconnected to the rest of the human race. Quite certain that I am never really going to live normally. Days like this I just want to stop all the useless therapy and get a job painting houses and forget about potential and well-being and all that stuff. I've been trying to get normal for 32 years or so, and every time I thought I had my s**t together, the bottom fell out. Life is really just about getting through it. I've never heard anyone admit it, but I am starting to believe that relationship skills not learned in childhood can not be taught to someone pushing 50. There are internal connections that just don't stick. Blah Blah Blah...etc and so on...
My mom babysat my 5 week old nephew at my house this weekend.
I don't know how you mothers out there do it!
Babies are tons of work.

Good news in my world,
My plastic surgeon called and wants me to come with him to a Dr. meeting with specialist from all over the world.
My hopes have been lifted a little.
When they first told me they doubted anything could be done I was devastated...
I even avoided the forum because I didn't have the energy to do anything.
My fingers are crossed that tomorrow goes well.
Oh, my fingers and toes are crossed for you! Please`let us know what they say.

Babies, yep load of work, I think why menopause was invented LOL, only young perky women can keep up. Seriously though once they are mobile they have to belong to me for me to handle it. My mommy switch just only seems to work on mine and sometimes it feels like it shorts out!

2000 posts, you started an awesome thread!
It's been a great day. Got up and boxed this morning. I am pooped, sore and have bruised knuckles! I managed to drink 2 quarts of water. Am shooting to do this every second day. Did round the house stuff and hung out with my son! Very little symptom wise. :)

Damn kids. My sweet lil' 4 yo decided she needed to use a tooth brush on the bar of soap. Can we guess who has been gagging all day trying to get the taste out??? Before that I caught her using it to scrub ink off her arm a few weeks ago. Why I ask is it always mine and what does she do with it that I do not catch? I don't even want to know.
My daughter brought in some groceries today and brought her b/f with her. He's becoming a regular fixed in our family. Don't mind it...he's a good guy.

But when he came in, he opened his arms towards me and the first thing that popped into my head came out of my mouth. 'Why do you want to hug me?' He said 'Because I haven't soon you in a while.' And I really surprised myself that I was able to hug him. First non-family guy I've been able to be around and hug in a long, long time.

Hmmm...I guess I'm making progress here. I've learned to trust (as much as I can) someone new. This is just so mind blowing for me.

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