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How's Your Day Been? Each Day is Different, So Make Your Mark Daily

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Pretty good today. Had to get my furnace fixed, but it turned out to be under warranty which saved me 3 or 4 hundred bucks. I got my new meditation CDs as well, kinda looking forward to trying them out. Sending out best wishes to Cindy, one of our own, who is struggling right now.
Hi everyone, my first post here in this thread:smile:.
So far today I got thrown for a sixer earlier today, read something in the news that was a bit triggering. However I had a really great day yesterday, doing stuff I love doing, so although I paniced this morning I am going to have another good day, because I will!
i just can't think of anything different though i think there is the harder i try the more its not coming so just hi it's wednesday
quiet today. Things are different. Subtle changes, starting to believe in a good future..........but there is still this lingering sense of intense sadness. I'm starting to think that will always be with me. The sadness.........
Just can't let it take over and reek destruction.........the sadness is just that sadness.......it is not the 'truth' of life as my messed up brain would have me believe.
Get the HELP, you won't get better just ignoring and trying to survive. That is if you can financially afford to stay behind. The longer the PTSD is ignored the worse it is. I wish they had a program here, there is no where else to turn. SO TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Rock and a hard place out here: maintain employment on one hand, but treatment at cost with exception of shrinks, plus long wait for shrink unless "suicidal"- which affects employment.

But I agree with you, think you are correct.
My day has been exhausting, full and educational and I feel very, very frustrated and sad.

I'll speak for tommorrow as well. I intend to write my very own personal and simple 12-step program of action and begin living it. I dare to add it will look and bear fruits far different then the demise my Ptsd, alcoholism and untreated alcoholics expect of me. (Now, almost 12 yrs. sober - not like me to even keep track) And, it will look far different than what my abusers tried to create and outline for me.

Goodnight all, and wishing us ALL the very best in our healing and recoveries.

My day is tiring between fighting dissociations and regressions....i made someone mad at me...i don't think it was my fault but he went off on me :(
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