Husband angry - Coping with a Spouse's Doomsday Beliefs

This am because I asked for clarification on where exactly he wanted to park my husband became angry saying I am disrespectful do not listen to him etc. I told him that despite how bad things are in the world I cannot live with annihilation anxiety. He believes in the doomsday scenario. I stopped watching the news. I have been on pubmed medrxiv etc researching ptsd the amygdala epilepsy etc. I am resuming emdr mediation. He is alone in his beliefs. If I leave him he has no other income a car etc. I love him despite this trauma and leaving violates my moral ethical compass. But I have set boundaries. I said me and are dogs are casualties of his war. He wants all this strife to end by one side winning. Ok.
Thank you. I have found research that the amygdala in our brains increases in size under stress. This could also trigger a seizure. I have been seizure free over 9 years after a craniotomy for bacterial meningitis of my brain despite a risk. What I did to myself was dumb. His end of the world scenario is not my reality. He now owns it.

In addition over 3 years he has been very clear on me needing to learn to use a firearm. I know my limits and what I can handle. I just got a new stun gun.

Since I am a terrible driver according to my husband disrespectful do not do what he says I told him he now does all the driving when we are together.