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Medical Hysterectomy - What to expect?

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I’m scheduled to have a hysterectomy in a little over a month. My doctor wants a different/better surgeon to do the robotic surgery because he said that I have a difficult case. Scar tissue attaching my uterus to my abdominal wall or something like that. I’m a little panicked because I don’t know him (new surgeon). I do meet him in a week, so hopefully it will go okay.

Can anyone tell me what to expect from a “difficult” robotic hysterectomy. I want to get this done because my cycles have reversed where I seem to bleed all of the days with one week off. This has created anemia and I do take iron and tried the vitamin k-2, but didn’t like how bloated it made me feel.

What questions or plans should I bring to this upcoming appointment? They said he’ll want to examine me since he doesn’t know me. Is that weird or necessary?
@DharmaGirl …. It was rough. Emailed my therapist, but she couldn’t do a phone call. I reached out to a couple of friends to make sure what happened was medically justified, and not a creepy unnecessary painful thing. Finally, had therapy today and we talked about surgeon personalities and worked on my fear that good/nice people will turn bad/evil. Brought a nine down to a five.
At least it's over. That part. It is necessary to be examined before the surgery, but like I said, my surgeon did it after they had put me under for the surgery. I also had a robotic, complicated complete hysterectomy and it was easier than the I thought it would be. The surgeon warned me I had a lot of scar tissue and endometriosis, and it would be difficult. It did help that I had a nurse that I had worked with before and I alerted the anesthesiologist that I had PTSD and I go from calm to freaked out in less than a second. As soon as I said I was starting to freak out, he first said your vitals are fine, then said the medicine is coming! That's all I remember. The recovery is much faster with robotics but allow for lots of rest. The hardest part is the waiting for the surgery and worrying. I hope you can replace any worried thoughts with mantras.
Thank you. I’m trying to be patient. I want it over with. I’ve been bleeding daily for a very long time and it’s wearing on me. He told me that I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, and my ovarian cyst has doubled in size over the last 3 months. So, I’m planning for recovery being harder/longer than he thinks it will be.
Today’s the day. I’m terrified. My therapist did send me a reminder email to do self flash emdr for calming and to go outside. I’ve done tapping as well. Will be leaving soon. I’m mostly worried about my blood pressure. I normally have decent blood pressure but it was 167 over 86 at the pre-op.
Everything went okay. Surgery was without complications and I’m recovering at home with some really strong meds including a large ball pump that is attached into my abdominal area with a tube and a dial that I have control over, for pain meds and hydration to the area.

My emotions are all over the place.
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