I’m changing my name.


Luna-Lily is the most beautiful, strong but soft name. I think it's great, but echoing what someone else here said- it's what you think about your name that really matters!

I changed my name for other reasons- I am transgender and part of my transition was changing my name. It is so empowering and wonderful to find the name that makes you feel most like yourself- that's where it's at.
My mom got angry at my name change (because she is stubborn but also transphobic) and refused to call me by it, taking personal offense and saying it was ungodly. But everyone else, despite a few mistakes here and there, caught on very well and now everyone in my life uses my name, including in the workplace- I have my new name on the id badge.

I have not yet changed my name legally, but that doesnt mean it's not real- everyone in my life uses it. So my name change serves a purpose for my identity, but also is helpful for my recovery, as my abuser was involved in identity theft and stalked me. So when I do change it legally, I imagine I will have more peace of mind.

It sounds like you have been through very much. I'm glad that your journey will continue, on an empowering note, as Luna-Lily. Congra
Wow, well done to you. I’m sorry your mum reacted like that. I’ve not told my mum. We have very little contact but we text sometimes on Facebook messenger. She must see my name change there but she’s never asked and I’ve never told her. She would get upset and I don’t want to upset her despite what they put me through.

Thank you so much. I wish you lots of luck for your future and I’m glad you’ve been strong changing your name. Good for you ?