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I set a boundary! What is a relationship win for you?

It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but...I feel so much weight lifted. I can think again. I can focus on my son. I am heartbroken at the same time. But I know what I did was the best thing for me right now. And for him (he has Borderline Personality Disorder). We are not good together right now. I am not ready to be in this type of relationship right now so I had to end it. We kept triggering each other without any stop in sight. I had to end the pattern. It is a terrible pattern of mine that I have yet to address in therapy (still not sure why I get triggered with him). That is one of the reasons I am not ready to be in a relationship. And I am so heartbroken. He was perfect in every other way (the best hugs I have every received, not that I received many). I am so hurt and sad. But I am so proud of myself for putting my boundary first. I have never been proud of myself before today (I'm 48). I did something for myself by myself. That is so huge (being codependent). This is a great testament to my therapy I have already done. I know I will never be "normal" but I am confident I will learn how to cope. And maybe one day happy...

What win did you have today? or this week? month? Year?
I am happy for you. 😊 One win today was when I replied to my thinking voice that said, like it often does like a mental tics "I hate myself and I want to die"- no, that is not true, I love myself and I love this body that keeps me going, and I will take care of me. Small wins.