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General I think I may need a therapist too.

Or another thing like solutions. When we’re stressed we def can’t think clearly and she would just text me little reminders. Sorry brain fog but hope this helps!
well. uhm, you know I love you but .... duh. 😁

Of course you could use someone to help - you live with J!!!
I mean, seriously - why wouldn't you want to have someone to scream at and share frustrations and who could offer coping skills with all the stress he brings to your life, even unintentionally? I would love, love, love if hubby had his own t to help him deal with me. But, y'know, being a guy he's all "I'm fine." Its a good thing women are smarter!

Admitting that you need help dealing with J's issues isn't a bad thing. If he had cancer and you needed help coping with his illness it would make perfect sense. Why would ptsd be any different?

I can't see coming home from a trip like that and sitting around calmly talking about what went down and my feelings would help me.
ya...because talking about feelings is never helpful. Snort.
If I can sit around and talk about mine - you can sit around and talk about yours!

But seriously - therapy helps. It gets you out of your head space and helps you reframe what's in there. And once you trust your t you can actually be honest about what is really bothering you without feeling insert word here

So I guess the bigger question is why you are reluctant to go. You see how it helps the islanders, so what is different with your situation? That question might even be a good ice breaker on your first meeting - discussing that you have concerns about if therapy would be helpful for you and what you could expect as results. Think of it as an interview to see if you will like working with that person.

And yes - all the other ideas are awesome (meditation/batting cages/etc) but they won't deal with the real reasons you are upset. They can help you feel better and more centered but not help you deal with the emotions that make those bandaids necessary.
He sat in the front row all week during his meetings/classes. <<<Huge trigger and stressor
What an idiot. I mean seriously - this was just a stupid decision on his part. And ya, I know. All "must be corporate" and all that. We both know I've made those mistakes too. But still.

This could be the example you could offer when interviewing a new t. How do you deal with the effect his idiotic decisions have on your day to day life?

Oh - and not sure if you've seen this but there is a whole thing at the VA for caregivers

Caregivers for vets with ptsd

Maybe that's a place to start?