I think I may have *finally* broken the trauma bond


So, I've got C-PTSD from childhood trauma and got re-traumatised 2016 in an abusive relationship and have had a god awful time ever since...

The worst has been that there was an intense trauma bond and none of the therapy I've tried so far even came close to putting a dent in it.

I've been seeing a new trauma therapist and in today's session, I think we *may* have finally broken it......... ? I mean, it only happened 2 hours ago, so maybe it's too early to tell, but it feels like it has...

This new therapist does a type of Jungian therapy which is so cool. It's relatively rare, but where I live it's not totally rare, so I'd often heard about it in the past but didn't feel ready to try it. So until then I've just done basic "talk" therapy like CBT or trauma therapy.

This Jungian style of therapy is much more about the subconscious tho... So, I'll say something to the therapist but instead of replying to "me" (as in my conscious, normal, thinking mind) he'll reply to my subconscious.

And omg... when it works, it's amazing. It's a bit like hypnotherapy, except you're not hypnotised.

So, for example, if the issue is me feeling like the abuse was my fault, he'll say to my subconscious "It wasn't your fault" and my subconscious just goes "Yeah, that's true." and then it's DONE. The issue is resolved.

Not like in "normal" talk therapy where the therapist will say "It's not your fault" to my conscious mind and my conscious mind will have 15,000 reasons why that's not true... I mean, I've spent years on stuff like that in regular talk therapy... I could easily spend 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 years talking to a regular therapist about whether it's my fault or not and be going round in circles.

So yeah, I've been having the worst possible time for the past 7 years trying to break this trauma bond and no chance...

And today, in our 12th session, with a few sessions to prepare for this particular topic, I decided to try and focus on the trauma bond thing and after 45 minutes, he'd cracked it.

I'm totally stunned. (Tho he's done this with a few smaller issues before too, which left me equally stunned and happy.)

I'm soooooo hoping it sticks... I mean, if I'm back "in" it tomorrow or next week, I'm gonna cry with frustration, but at least I'll know that we just need to keep working on it to make this a permanent thing.

But right now, it just feels like "it's done".
It's called depth psychology

It's definitely a bit more woowoo than the very rational, science based CBT type of talk therapy approaches.

I used to be scared of it - trauma and PTSD was already way too messy - I needed something "reliable" and rational like CBT to clean that mess up.

But now, at the end of my 40s, I feel like I *can* and *need* to explore these deeper, more mysterious non-rational aspects, like my subconscious.

As to "how" my therapist talks to my subconscious, I don't really know. All I know is that it works. And I know that I do NOT want to ask him how it works (at least at this stage) because I'm worried that if my conscious mind understands it, then it will put up barriers, which will stop the process working.

One day, when we've hopefully done all the work I feel I need to do, I may ask him "how" it works... because I am curious.

The best way I can explain it is that it's simliar to hypnotherapy, except I'm wide awake.

Edit to add: it's day 3 today and I can say that after 48 hours, the trauma bond still seems to have been broken. I can see that there are still other aspects that I want to work on and want to process about the traumatic situation, but up to now it does still feel like the trauma bond is gone.
i had to look up, "jungian style therapy." it used allot of the same words as the name forgotten therapies i learned back in the 20th century, but ? ? ? translating between 20th century psych and 21st century psych is more of a challenge than translating between german, english, spanish, etc. yes, friend, i translate between languages often, especially since the advent of the WWW and machine translators. machine translators are not so efficient with developing terminology.
And omg... when it works, it's amazing.
when it comes to healing the wounds of my broken heart, this translation covers it all for my healing herstory. it will continue to work if i work it.
work it, my healing warrior. don't be discouraged if you can't master the skill overnight.
Thanks for sharing
This is so awesome
.I did deep level healing doing similar stuff with the trauma bonds, ot really helped
.I did mine to myself, I actually had some gut wrenching wails and it took over an hour just to get thru two of them. I can't explain how much calmer I feel on so many levels.