Childhood I told someone!


I stayed at my friend's house last night and we were having a few drinks....Needless to say, I got a little drunk and emotional and I ended up telling her about the childhood ab*se and the fact that I saw one of them last week and how I felt it really set me back. I found it so difficult, it took so long to get the words out and I was shaking so much because I was nervous/scared.....I couldn't look at her but there was no audible reaction....she didn't rush me, she just sat there, held my hand and let me talk. It was scary because the last time I told someone, she told other people and confronted one of my brothers but I feel like it's different with her.....I actually wanted to tell her and I trust 100% she won't say anything to anyone. I don't really know why i did it....maybe the mixture of being sad, tired, emotional, anxious etc....and it just feels like too much to keep to myself sometimes. I think it'll be good for me, having someone I know personally and in person to know. Also told her about the issue I'm having around intimacy, she didn't really know what to say about that but then neither did Gill! (therapist) I'm home now with my little ones, quiet and chilled out day for us!