If I Could I Would..


Tell the insomnia and adrenaline fuelled calm to f*ck off.

... Oh, right, I meant to write myself a How to forms manual. And How to not sabotage normal life, one. Think I should start with If it looks fun? R, ignore it.
My ideas of fun need some work. So does deciding on no sleep, scheisse instead of shazaam.

Rani G

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four bullet points questions, and nah.

@Ronin...A fan of shortening stuff. Get the juice from something complex and write it down. Not good in it, feeling the need to start by the Big bang theory. I can stop though...

I would
Live like Nathan (Ex machina) with an android. (After the Turing test).


Not actioned nor sanctioned, as of a week ago. :wtf:

... Find something to live for.
Other than pestering BabyBean with all the signs I do not understand, from babyese. Neither of us has, IRL, words, much. For vastly different reasons. :hilarious: