If you could go back to when you started therapy, what one piece of advice would you give yourself?

Avoid all DBT. It’s a cult.
Unless you’re borderline.

If not? I sooooo agree with you. It’s like people have never heard of “self control” before. To be fair? I guess a lot of people never have. But ADHD is almost entirely about self-control, OCD about re-establishing it. Instead of self control over this one eensy teensy little facet of emotion&action.

So? It’s gold standard for Borderline Personality Disorder (what it was invented for).

And -apparently?- mind boggling for neurotypical people who just automagically pick shit up.

But it’s legos & washing erasers for people who HAVE TO emotionally monitor and regulate themselves for all of the 96% of “everything” that borderline doesn’t encompass.

Which makes sense that it helps soooo many neurotypical people who have developed PTSD. As self-control? Has always been innate. Instead of hard acquired.

But for those of us who have never been neurotypical? Omfg 🤣 Self control over this ONE teeeeeny tiny aspect of life?!? Bwaaahahaha.
that there is no cure. Save the time and money, we are either lucky enough to get a happy life and live it or unlucky enough to get a crap life and fight it. And you, self, got a crap one. Try Again? Drop it all and resurface elsewhere later? Maybe. Better than trying for decades to come to grips with getting a shitty life handed to you and pushing that stone up that hill till you die.
Only one way to be sure you win a tug of war. Don't pick up that rope, go elsewhere.