Sufferer In the worst place of my life, overwhelmed with pain


New Here
Hi everyone. I’m Jess, I’m new here. My therapist has been actively encouraging me to join online groups to discuss/meet new people etc. It took me a while to post, so here I am!

I’m truthfully in the worst place I’ve been my whole life. My avoidance is currently extreme, my shell is harder than ever and my physical/emotional pain is shocking. Don’t you love the 10/11/12pm night terrors.

It would benefit me greatly to talk to people, hear people’s stories etc. I think that’s one of the things I really do need right now.

Keep well, J x
hi i lost my arm in 2008 and was in such a bad place with ptsd i have been in really bad place but it does get better believe me x
Hi Jess,

Just joined after years of hoping to find a forum with people who might understand me where most people in my life have not. Having been in some very rock bottom places in life like you, I can relate and hope so much to be able to communicate well you and others here.