Increasing internal communication


Well, after a few months of relative stability, I had a crisis two days ago and my parts are stirred up again. I do not hear them in words. Sometimes whispers. I do not have an "inner world" that I am aware of. I do not remember my dreams. I am not good at visualization. I have tried journaling and struggle to make it a daily practice. Because my parts are either nonverbal or I'm not tuned internally in a way that I could hear them communicate verbally, I'm not really sure how to improve internal communication. My body is twitching at the sentence about journaling so I assume that's some parts answering the question? I tried that in the past and it didn't seem to work. How do you journal to talk with someone that isn't using words? Thoughts?
We don't journal per se. We've put a notebook on our counter. When we have a question, we write it down, leave pen and wait for someone to answer. Sometimes days, sometimes minutes. Then one day we heard someone say we can't read that funny writing. When we checked the journal, a, b, c was printed. Much later in answer to a question there were just crayon scribbles. That's how we found what we call our family members. For us, the more they communicate the less crises we've had. We don't always want to hear them. But our T helps greatly with those times. Hope you find your way to communicate.


Hi @HealingMama
Since it is very young part of pre-verbal: how do you know they are coming up for a purpose, soothing, acting out etc.
How did they communicate their existence?
You said you are somatic, so what part of the body is hurting, alien or pulsating that you are aware of?