Insert Swearish Rant Here


A rant is calling someone a c*nt for X action.

Not vivid descriptions wallowing in fantasies about what you'll do in a dark alley if oh. If only you had the chance.

For what, a day's dissatisfaction?

Some words are just cowardice,
And hiding behind 'It's just words!' is a bigger cowardice.

I'd known six years olds better able to stand by the shit they said they'll do than you.
I don't care for your comments and would prefer that you never interact with my posts here ever again. I am not a coward and your constant over intellectualism is tiresome. I don't know what your over compensating for but it's really unattractive.


Putting on my mod-hat for a moment... As it’s a fantastic reminder for all members :
would prefer that you never interact with my posts here ever again.
There’s an easy solution to that... simply place any member you don’t wish to interact with, on Ignore. No need to ask anyone else to do anything, all the power is in your own hands.

If anyone needs directions on how to use the Ignore Feature? Just hit us up at Contact Us , rather than responding to this post.



There's always one of you, duh? :cool: <cold mad needs an emoji>

F'ing dilina. Just glad that romni veery fast got her petty beef is nothing, and thinking of threatening my T is off limits. Hard off limits.

:banghead: Hi, my name is Ronin, address is Locoville 24/7.


Told ya, sucker.

You absolutely don't have the authority to declare the truce broken.

And I'm real glad she laughed you off a carpet in a single eyeroll *too*, declaring it nonsense. There's corona & kids schooling to worry about :smug: Priorities.


f*ck me. They think they have us by the short and curlies. Divide and conquer, the usual ploy. Foment descent/dissent by fanning the flames of envy, dissatisfaction, for coverting what they think other's aren't entitled to. It's all power plays.
Fear mongering, hatred for other's you don't even know ~ how f*cking stupid!!!!!
We shall know them by their fruits- actions - outcomes, what they produce.
Good and common sense will overcome, but f*ck me, common sense is a precious commodity, at this time! My folk are an endangered people. It's true. A minority that's under threat. But I love us. I love our people. We are made up of wonderful, terrible, awful and commonplace folk, like every peoples. But I love us. We have, and do, both wonderful and terrible, stupid and moronic, brilliant and amazing, things, like every people. But, by God, we deserve to live and thrive, if we do so desire to do so. Just like every other people's.


Cockjuggling dickbaggy douchewaffle.

... and now sticking to brilliantly themed reminders by other people that people like you mean jack f*cking squat, motherf*cker.

And I'm proud of me, adjectiving my curses right :smug: Maybe I'll learn proper English, one day.


Your bureaucratic BS will literally f*cking -wait-.

As in I got no mind for your office incompetence.

Good I'm seeing a mate in person, cause we can have a few jokes about how Commie prisons made more sense than this bureaucracy, and they made f*ckall sense. Da, da, prochnost, and f*ck off.

While at it, imma also tell this sailor or that one about that f*ckery, because bajeez, what a hellhole., makes for good stories.

I hate comparing hells. Or arriving at points I do from there. But shrug. Team lulz. Brothers need a laugh while they keep me functional through the bloody misery.

While at it, 2bi dolla for the shit your f*ckery cost me in health, mental health & medical costs wouldn't be nowhere near nuff, you peripatetic slimey thunderc*nts.

And I'm starting to be annoyed enough, so f*ck off, since my next trip IS going to a lawyer, if you keep being difficult. While I cheerfully tell them how you broke X amount of privacy of information acts and put my literal life in danger by your contact-people oopsies I forbade you in writing to make.
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Oh, and that other cocksucker imbecile:

Fire Dept placed that note on the door for a f*cking reason. And it wasn't so you imbeciles, in a hood with city's highest crime rate & fires rate alike, take it down as irrelevant.

Bloody dumbasses.



I am tired of hearing about how you can't do work because your family won't quit interrupting you.
I am tired of hearing about how other people are the problem.
It doesn't feel like you genuinely want a solution. It feels like you want to have a continuous supply of reasons to be mad at them.
It continues to feel like you want to justify being stuck.
All of us need to learn to work with interruptions. All of us need to get creative to find ways to help ourselves get work done. You aren't an exception to this. Yes, I hear that x, y, z, a, b, c get in the way. My question still remains: do you want to get the work done or not?
I don't have the energy to argue. I really, really fking don't.
Sometimes when I talk to you, I walk away feeling like the one with the problem.

I am starting to see how the constant blaming I do of myself does not help relationships.


Is it possible to pummel someone about the head in just the right way that makes pandemic end up in a different part of their brain from politics? Maybe even shake loose a little empathy or figure out that no one thinks you are a liberal just because you have a mask on? It might take a lot of work, trial and error but maybe, just possibly, I could deliver the right blow to shake the sense loose from the nonsense and get one of them to think about how simple 6 feet and a mask are compared to, oh I don't know, immunizations or rational thought about global politics or........there I go again, talking like a f*cking liberal. Trying to save the f*cking world again.