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Insert Swearish Rant Here

Pigeon Pose: I HATE YOU!

I'm sorry if I wasn't "breathing into my core" when we last hooked up. But this shit has gone on long enough. I'm sick of my hip hurting when I lie down, when I sit, when I stand, when I move (read: all the f'ing time). This completely goes against the whole point of yoga. It's supposed to be soothing, not permanently disabling. If you're trying to make some kind of point? This isn't the way to go about it.

Personally, I'm not even sure you're a real yoga position at all. I'm not a pigeon expert, but you look NOTHING like a pigeon (yeah, suck it, Pigeon Pose). And even if there were pigeons 3,000 years when they came up with yoga poses? Nobody even likes pigeons. They're like the rats of the sky. So maybe we should be calling you "Tendency to spread disease in urban settings Pose".

Sick of it. You're officially OFF the list of poses I'm prepared to include in my yoga practice. This is me officially UnFriending you, blocking your number, and reporting you to Google as FAKE NEWS.

I want my gawdamn hip back to normal. Honestly, is that too much to ask? I was doing Yoga for fk's sake, not Ninja Warrior. This is fking ridiculous.
I f#cking dispise A A talk! I was in that MF for years! I can pick out an alkie, by their talk. I f#cking HATE Alcoholics (kiss My A#s!) Anonymous. I spent 20 years there. Because I didn't know I was PTSD and needed crazy pills instead! Fake it till u make it! F#ck off! Self- centered pricks! Lying sacs of sh#t! Here's a good one. Do you know what a alcoholic is all dressed up? A sober, lying sac of sh#t, all dressed up. F#ck off! And thank you!

You're the last person I'd want to see.

And, oh, just because you coerced me into opening the door by what your companion was about to do, ain't mean it wasn't a break in.

So f*ck off. Demanding contact is not cool, and your smiles are nowhere near as charming as you *think* they are.
Fking fk. NO. I am not interested in dating. I wasn't interested the last four times you asked, still not interested. Have I sent signals that something changed? We've become closer friends, yes, and you're valuable to me. That doesn't mean I'm interested in dating. I'm not.

Frankly, having to say no five times when I've been clear that I'm not interested in a relationship is disappointing and a little bit frustrating. I want to trust you and would rather not have to be as on guard. Being somewhat on guard is to-be expected in this kind of situation.

In the past I've asked whether you're okay with the friendship arrangement, and you've said yes. I understand it can be challenging. I get it, truly, and I'm open to hearing if you'd rather we go our own ways. . but can you please just hear my words:
I. Just. Want. To. Be. Friends.
That. Is. Not. Going. To. Change.

Fk. I dislike these situations.
f*ck this hesitation. f*ck this f*cking fear that even here, where I'm anonymous and amongst a group of supports, that I would be judged for it.

f*ck you parents for neglecting me, for forcing me to adopt these self criticising habits, and f*ck you that I've had to live with the voice of your criticisms in my head for decades.

I cannot f*cking believe I've lived in a world of self deception for so long, fearing people, fearing being abandoned by people, fearing shame and and anger, all cos you couldn't or wouldn't give me a little bit of attention as a kid.

f*ck you for taking an isolated lone child and making him feel even more isolated because he was the only boy amongst girls. f*ck you for making him feel bad for trying to fit in. f*ck you for not paying any attention. f*ck you for making me fear your attention to the point where I gave up wanting any basic rights and all my boundaries.

f*ck you for doing this to a kid, let alone your own. f*ck you for making me feel way less than I should have. f*ck you for not acknowledging any of my achievements. f*ck you for these anxieties, these obsessions, these compulsions. f*ck you for crippling me with the fear of choice, the fear that it was even okay for me to choose.

f*ck you for making me feel guilty for even posting this, for feeling like I've suddenly been ripped out of some cult and cannot reconcile the harsh realities.

f*ck you for never being encouraging or supportive, for training me to be a servant, to set me up to give and give and give until I don't know who I am anymore.

And f*ck you for making me afraid of my feelings. Because even now they're stuck as I type this. So f*ck you for making me doubt them.

f*ck you for making me afraid to be me.
D'uh oh.

If that was supposed to be your 'you are screwed.' I think I'm gonna break out one of those grins that other thug labeled 'shit eating' and say 'I'm *always* screwed... and your point is?'

Still, deck it. The fact I'm polite in a motherf*cking cuss it out thread means I'm on mind cajun kitchen & talk to aall the cooks about it.

Which, if I were you? I'd hope you can hop over closed borders and run *very* far.
Unethical docters you lying muthaf*cking pricks. I have meetings with you and try to be nice and honest and respectful and you make obnoxious and judgemental comments about me whilst you have a 17stone male nurse sitting next to you for protection. You lie in your reports and do everything to protect your c*nt collegues. If we were on the street outside of your protective building then i would rip you apart with my bare hands. I would take pleasure in causing you harm. I hope that you die experiencing a high level of pain and fear and terror. C*NTS.
If we were on the street outside of your protective building then i would rip you apart with my bare hands. I would take pleasure in causing you harm. I hope that you die experiencing a high level of pain and fear and terror. C*NTS.

Be careful, fellow.

Many a places, threats against medical personnel, like you just made?

Are neatly defined by two words.
Terrorist threats.
It's just a swearish rant.
A rant is calling someone a c*nt for X action.

Not vivid descriptions wallowing in fantasies about what you'd do in a dark alley if oh. If only you had the chance.

For what, a day's dissatisfaction?

Some words are just cowardice,
And hiding behind 'It's just words!' is a bigger cowardice.

I'd known six years olds better able to stand by the shit they said they'll do than you.

At least have the decency to admit you got deeper issue with revenge and rage than you're willing to address, that people outside of you aren't really at fault of.

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