Insert Swearish Rant Here


Why? Every f*cken time a bad memory pops up its shows itself in the middle of the prefect sh*tstorm. EMDR must work by that old addage "never kick a man unless hes down...."


Nightmares suck. All the tools that I have learned do nothing when I fall asleep and the car crashes and helicopters show up. Waking up in my F'N parents basement in 1976 is getting very tiresome. f*ck this disorder, leave me alone or I WILL TAKE MY MEDS.


Where’s the f*cking room of requirement when you need it. Or just a hobbit hole.
Can I send a robot out to deal with the peopleing?
f*ck people are exhausting, including myself.

I finally got my extended health benefits. I put the new card in my wallet. Two days later I took it out of the wallet and put it in my pocket to walk over to pharmacy. The damn thing jumped out of my pocket on the way, and I didn’t notice. Retraced steps and nada.

So I go to order new card. The register button on the website tells me I have to call, I click contact us and am directed to download the app, with no contact info to be found. I download app but can’t login because my organization is still reviewing the app.
I gave up and called the pharmacy. First pharmacist said I can’t do nothing for ya. Second pharmacist took the info I have no questions asked and said the policy was active.
I don’t understand. But I don’t know that I need to at this point.


F*ckaroonie. Since that nightmare memory came back my sleep has gone litterally off the chart, the wrong way. There's something there. Its like either we pulled a string with nothing on the other end OR we lit a bloody fuse. The way I feel it's's like waiting for the toaster to pop, except this will go boom....


Waking at night, (and not getting back to sleep) fear of old nightmares, 3 bloody hours sleep a night and now a sh*t ton of reprocessing because it may be the root of my medical phobias. Just f*cking lovely. Just in time for Easter...
Boy am I tired of being treated like I have sh*t for brains.
I shared info I NEVER EVER would have. What. An. Idiot. I. Was. Hope they enjoy the laugh at my expense. So much for trust. No wonder safety was absent. All One Big Sham. That is cruel when people are legit and in need. That is heartless when someone is at their lowest. And trusts you to be someone you were, and aren't any longer. Or I guess, never was, silly me. And on top of that, expect it to be kept in confidence. Good luck with that. Then again, it and I matter nothing, so surely will disappear quickly. But I'm sure, You are welcome... to bring your wallet. Don't worry, we can always use another idiot pawn for some purpose. Just check the brain and heart at the door.

// Last crap rant for me. 🤮 Idiot. I feel sick to my stomach. Easter yet. Hope they feel relieved.

ETA, typo was welkome, that's about it. 🤣
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Window of tolerance? Feels more like a mail slot of tolerance today. I think it all went wrong when I got out of bed. Ahh my f*cken head hurts I haven't had head pain this bad in many months..


I hate Verizon!!! I tried to cancel the stupid add-on before it renewed and every effort was thwarted! “Timed out”. “Not working, try again later”. “Change your secret question”. (It didn’t change). Button greyed out so can’t push it. No customer service available. Ran out of time to fix problem. The day it renews I’m totally able to cancel it AFTER I ALREADY PAID FOR ANOTHER MONTH.

Cheapskates now trying to say relative only to be paid real time present, which is against our collective agreement. Not like it's coming out of their pocket. But it is I'm sure, if you factor in graft. 😡 They want everything, and give virtually nothing.

And maybe that's the way All of the world works, and it's a sham. Idk. 😢