Insert Swearish Rant Here


f*ck you to all the partying idiots downtown who think they can walk out in front of my ambulance, at 1am, in the dark, wearing all black, between parked cars, on a narrow street, and not at a crosswalk or intersection. Not just one f*cking idiot tonight, but multiple that nearly ended up as a hood ornament or chicklets in my unit's front grill. And an extra f*ck you to the guy carrying the large cake while doing all the above... that would have ruined an innocent cake that didn't consent to your stupidity.

f*ck you to the idiot in the hawaiian shirt hanging half out of the car window. And f*ck the driver of that car doing 50km over the limit and running a red light while your idiot friend was hanging half out the window. I am not paid enough to scrape what's left you off the pavement, and try to keep it alive until we reach the hospital. Plus, it's f*cking impossible to get blood clots out my boot laces, just sayin.

A special f*ck you to dispatch, who did not send back up when my patient decided it was time to bowl through me and jump out of a moving ambulance (I stopped that, with considerable effort). Then decided to get naked and try the same stunt with my partner... and still no backup. 40 minutes later... oh, there's our f*cking backup...

f*ck our shitty comms equipment... all of which failed while I was calling for backup. Data terminal, phone, and 2! radios.

And f*ck you to the Sup who avoided me all night after ^^^ that... so that I couldn't rip him a new one. Coward! Can't deal with 5'2'' angry ginger????

And f*ck you to my neighbours, who are still loudly partying at 3am after I had a shitty shift... and fighting, screaming, swearing, throwing things, blaring music, screaming, swearing, screaming, fighting, swearing, throwing things, blaring music... go the f*ck to bed!!!!

f*ck people. I am so beyond done with people tonight.... except the guy who bought us timbits and thanked us... he gets to live, everyone else can be vaporized in a giant meteor strike fireball armageddon apocalypse.


To all the people who f*cked me over. A well meant f*ck you and you can all go to hell. Everytime you needed help or were suicidal I was the only one, even from very young age, to give a f*ck about your dispicable whiny buttholes.

And when I needed help, I was on my f*cking own, even better it was my fault and I got harassed for it every f*cking chance you got.

Without me, you wouldn't even be alive today, let alone have a life you worthless pieces of radioactive garbage.

I am proud of myself that I cut all those toxic, selfinflated, superficial and bottomless pit connections.

You don't even deserve a single breath from me.

Again, a very well meant from the bottom of my heart go f*ck yourself with a clusterf*ck of my own zero f*cks given up your pathetic scummy infested assholes.

One of the best threads yet. Thank you guys!


This is the best f*cking thread ever.

I hate global corporations and how they just f*ck over both their employees and their customer. I'm the type of person to really keep my shit together, I don't yell or go off on people like my abusers did, I refuse. I have so much f*cking self control and will power and I internalize my shit so I don't hurt others to the best of my ability.

I went to Sam's club and was going to pick up my order between 11AM and 12PM and subsequently had to wait an hour and a half because they were short staffed and only had one lady bringing people's orders to their car on a Saturday morning (busy time, it's f*cking soccer mom o'clock) I watched all the soccer mom's arrive, get their groceries and leave, and when I asked about my order I was told it "wasn't ready yet" but I was the only one that was waiting for so long.

Then when my order is finally ready, I ask the worker to please bring it, she has the gall to bring another f*cking soccer mom's order first because "she just had three items".

If I was anyone other than myself I would have lost my shit right then and there but no, I smiled and said thank you very much once she finished loading my order into my car.

It's a real dumb thing to get bent out of shape over, I know, and I don't blame the workers at all, it's Sam's club and their lack of good business practices, customer service, and employee management. So it's fine, I just wasted a load of time sitting idle in my car 😤😤😤


Sure, first time in about two years I figure I can manages a little shopping and lunch with mom. Quick stop at Costco for a case of coffee for her, and on the way out some mindless f#[email protected] bonehead figures the best way of backing out of their parking spot is "warp speed Mr. Sulu" and make sure you don't look where you are going.

Everyone is fine...just me turning into Mr. Non-functioning Lump until Mr. Hypervig got there....and he's come to visit for a while.....


I have 2 backpacks. They are used for different things. They weren't cheap.... because I'm one of those people who tends to not lose important/expensive things (I don't like having a lot of things, so that helps).

You can f*cking see where this is going. I just discovered I lost 1 of the 2 of them. The only place I can think of where I might've left it is the inside of a carshare vehicle. So yeah.. basically public transit.

Well done, ninja. Just like the receipt you needed (for an expense report) that fell out of your pocket because you didn't zip it closed.... you continue to make more work for yourself.


Well, humanity, let's see what you're made of.