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One of our paramedics died in the line of duty, another is injured physically and mentally.... it barely registered in local media, and nothing in the national news. Not even a statement from our Premier. And even the local news stories, buried way down, were gone within 48 hours.

A cop died in the line of duty... national and local news are all over it, front page coverage, statements from politicians.

Emergency and first responders... we all wear a uniform, we all serve the public, we all face dangers while performing our duties. And we're often on calls together, working side by side as allied services. Why are our paramedic's line of duty death and serious injury so worthless?????

Do the media, the politicians, the public, think we don't f*cking notice? When someone wants an ambulance, they want it there now. But they don't give a f*ck about the humans on that ambulance. They're ignoring everything we're going through on a daily basis. They're f*cking oblivious to the code reds, the hallway waits, the mandatory OT, the short staffing, the trucks that are barely running, the lack of washroom breaks, the piss poor work/life balance. People only seem to give a f*ck when they need an ambulance, and have to wait (and wait and wait) for one. But being oblivious to a death and serious injury.... that's just a f*cking step too far.

We can't help the public, if they won't wake the f*ck up and help us. As one Sup recently said, f*ck them! I'm done busting my ass for people that don't even see us. We were already hurting, now we're RAW!

And we're not f*cking ambulance drivers!!!!!

I f*cking hate heavy reprocessing so much.....Everything is f*cked up, I am irritable as hell, doing anything is hard....and trying to get the orange juice out with a knife to put on my toast instead of grabbing the Cheeze Whiz.....that sh$t is getting old.....
For f*cks sake.
I am so f*cking done with this.
You have asked several people and we have all told you the same f*cking thing because we have been diagnosed.

You don’t meet criterion A. End of.
So stop f*cking trying to justify why you think you have it to me. A counselor cannot diagnose you over the f*cking phone.

This isn’t a shitty club you want to join.
Seriously. Just f*cking stop.
Why the F*ck is it so hard to prove disability from invisible injury's?????
How many psychiatrists, psychologists, and doctors all saying the same damn thing does it take for someone to believe you?
Roll into their office in a wheelchair with a missing arm leg whatever your golden. You don't need letters saying it will never grow back from three doctors, a specialist, x rays to prove its really gone, and reports every 6 months to say it hasn't grown back yet.

But if your one eye'd with a chronic illness and CPTSD.....well your good to go to work...even if you can't remember where it is...
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F**king taxi companies! When I order a normal low saloon car because I'm physically disabled and can't get in anything else, they send me a f**king converted van! When I complain all I get is 'well other people can get in it.' I'M NOT OTHER PEOPLE!

I've started to answer back by asking why they can't climb everest, because 'well other people can!'
to the morons complaining about how this fire wasn't put out in september. Have you looked at a fire map and seen how many fires there are in this region? How many of those fires are threatening structures? This fire was less than 6 acres in a very remote and rugged fire. I live here too. I'm watching the fire too. The idea that I could lose my house scares the f*ck out of me. But I also realize I'm not the center of the f*cking earth. I realize that sending fire fighters up into a place where there isn't roads or trails and it's steep as can be would put them at risk and put others at risk because they got pulled away from other fires. The only reason the fire grew like it did is because of the freak weather we just had. Mid-october and in the 80s, with low humidity and high winds. It's a freak chance. Even though it's grown like mad, as it stands they are still saying no homes at risk. Quit talking about how someone needs be held accountable. Think about all the other fires, the people risking their lives, the people who have lost homes in other nearby fires and shut the f*ck up.