Insert Swearish Rant Here

go f*ck yourself!!!!

sitting there muttering under your breath, swearing, smashing at the computer.... yeah, the same computer you just paid how many hundreds of dollars to fix???? money's tight, but no, go ahead and keep smashing the mouse on the keyboard. Want a crowbar?????

after 5 rounds of tantrum, I ask what's wrong, because you're clearly looking for attention, and oh so predictably you swear at me and start a fight

Well, I have boundaries. When you turn superbitch, I leave. BOUNDARY!!!! No, that's not ''sulking'', I'm not not ''being a bitch'', I'm not ''running away''. No, I'm not sticking around for your shit and abuse just because you're having a temper tantrum over some minor thing, yet again. No I'm not going to help you with that minor thing while you're yelling and swearing at me. BOUNDARY!!!! You superbitch, I leave.

Yup, keep yelling and swearing at me.... I'm still enforcing my boundary, it's not up for negotiation. Leaving now, no discussion to be had.

you know, we all have emotions... part of adulting is realizing that you don't always have to react in a volatile way to those emotions

and you certainly don't get to splash your shit on me again & again & again just because you don't want to acknowledge that ^^^^

so go f*ck yourself!!!!!

Disagreeing with you is not ''censoring'' you. Asking you what's wrong when you're having yet another tantrum is not ''censoring you''. I am not censoring you.... stop conflating me with other people.

YOU are the reason I first decided not to have kids. Long before Ladybug and Munchkin were killed. Because I knew I could never trust you with my babies. I absolutely would not let them be yet another defenseless generation of this family seeing volatile, out of control, emotionally immature, abusive adults who can't admit that there's a problem. My babies would not learn to lose control, yell, swear, and lash out, before taking a deep breath and trying to work the problem. But after 5 generations.... maybe it's genetic? Our f*cked up genes can't be allowed to contaminate the future gene pool, so it ends with me. I have to be the one to sacrifice.... I'm the one who has to not be a mom. SO GO f*ck YOURSELF!!!!!

and that's why we have no family, the one's that aren't dead won't have anything to do with you. That's why you're all alone, without even a single friend. Because you're hateful. Because they have boundaries too, and have no reason to put up with your shit.

Go f*ck yourself!!!!!!
I hate the harm you do me. The gaslighting. The hypocrisy. At least your pomposity makes me laugh but that's a very small silver lining. Interactions with you are f*cking terrifying for me. I have learned the best thing for me is to give you nothing at all of me, works best to minimise my considerable distress after interacting with you. You are supposed to be my f*cking support worker for f*cks sake. f*ck you very much.
Dear homophobe in my class,

go f*ck yourself...

What's that?

You don't like penises and never have...

Okay, I didn' are not supposed to inter--

You are the straightest man there is?

Once again, I did not--

You are an alpha, hence the leather jacket, and wannabe facial hair, and hours of looking at yourself in the mirror. It is technically impossible for you to be gay...because you have a girlfriend...and so it is safe for you to act according to your own twisted version of what "gay" means...all of the uncomfortable aggressiveness directed at your male classmates is only pretend...because gay people are stupid...and so it's funny...and if anyone says otherwise, they are gay...they are the enemy...and grabbing a dick without permission does not make you gay...because...okay...

Where I am going?

To get the cops

This is the second time in 3 working months, while injured, that some shitty f*cking nurse who doesn't give a crap about ems, has given me a shitty and half arsed report about a psych, and I've been placed in danger in the middle of a transport.

f*ck you!!!!! f*ck all of the shitty nurses out there who can't answer even the simplest f*cking questions about their patients and can't even be arsed to find out when it's in the f*cking computer literally at their finger tips. If I pulled this shit during report to the nurses at triage or the nurses in ER, they'd have my head on a platter in under 2 seconds. They expect me to know everything possible about my patient... even if they're pulled naked from a field, with no ID, and unconscious, I better f*cking figure something out because meh and I don't know aren't acceptable.

f*ck you for putting my LIFE in danger. f*ck you for thinking so little of me that it never occurred to you to let me know this patient was unstable and violent. f*ck you for not giving me the information I needed to keep myself safe. f*ck you for thinking I'm a f*cking taxi instead of a highly skilled and trained paramedic with over 20 years experience. f*ck you for treating me like a f*cking taxi.

And f*ck every f*cking nurse who says this isn't my patient when I'm looking for a report. Take some f*cking notes when you take over, because right now this is your f*cking patient. Pen and f*cking paper, figure it out. Write it in f*cking hieroglyphics if you like, I don't give a flying f*ck, but take some f*cking notes. Be the professional you're being paid $50+ an hour to be.

And f*ck everyone who calls me an ambulance driver. I AM NOT A f*ckING AMBULANCE DRIVER!!!!!!!

and f*ck Easter. I don't easter, and I don't April. We can skip from March straight to May. I f*cking hate this month.
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I found a Winger cd in a can while collecting garbage. Whoever said "Good stuff doesn't happen to bad people." Can go to hell.
f*cks sake is there anyone in my godforsaken family who isn’t an arsehole? Answer: no there isn’t seemingly. How f*cking dare you make a big deal out of visiting me for a change for the first time in a decade and then use me?! In my own home you c*ckwomble! Come all that way, say you want to see your niece and then bring a pile of letters and paperwork you can’t be bothered to sort out yourself. Head off somewhere else and I’m just a convenient stop over on the way back because I can sort xyz out for you? No interest in me, nor where I live or the city that has adopted me. Fine, you don’t deserve to see it’s beauty anyway. W*nker
Just because I live on a farm DOES NOT mean you can just stop by anytime as if I would be home all the time or I would be sitting around waiting for someone to stop by. I have a life of my own which doesn't revolve around people just stopping by from miles away. I have PTSD, and to control my PTSD, I must have time all by myself every f*cking afternoon. EVERY afternoon. Don't say you'll stop by and then put it off until it interferes with my quiet time. Stop stopping by at 3PM!!!!
Rant #1:
Immigration is a f*cking pain in the ass. I am thankful to be at this point, but 🤬.

Rant #2:
I have 1 full-time and 1 part-time job. The full-time job is funded by two organizations so I am technically employed by two organizations and thus submit hours to both. I also submit hours for the part-time position. All have biweekly pay periods, the part-time position requires me to enter hours in two places. Of course none of the organizations follow the same pay periods, so each has a different submission deadline. I submit hours on 4 different platforms on 3 different days, twice a month.
What the f*ck am I even complaining about?? I’m being paid and that’s all that matters!!
Well, I have adhd. Deadlines somehow disintegrate or something inside of my brain.
I have the deadlines on my calendar in front of my face and all of the devices scream at me to submit the hours. I also have reminders in various other places. How I manage to STILL miss deadlines is beyond me.
I really should just submit everything to everyone on one day.

First world problems. Good job ninja.
Well, I have adhd. Deadlines somehow disintegrate or something inside of my brain.
This is why I ALWAYS do my taxes early. Literally the moment I get my W2s (US). It comes from the trick of “only handle mail ONCE.”

This year?

Bwaaaaahahahhaa Motherf*cking cocksucking fils putain… NOPE! 1 day left to file. I’ve had my w2s for months. And all I’ve done? Thought about it. And nope’d out. Day after day after day.


One of those ADHD+PTSD clusterf*cks. With a TBI cherry on top (that makes numbers difficult). Growl grumble fuss snarl grrrr. I just want to bite someone.

Need to file for an extension.

I’m getting money BACK. That I desperately need. So it ooooonly makes sense in my Aieeeeee! Wait. What day is it??? brain.
“only handle mail ONCE.”
This right here is probably why I still have jobs. That and kanban boards.
Bwaaaaahahahhaa Motherf*cking cocksucking fils putain… NOPE! 1 day left to file. I’ve had my w2s for months. And all I’ve done? Thought about it. And nope’d out. Day after day after day.
The dread can be so f*cking monstrous.
I don’t know what filing for an extension is like, but I’m hoping it goes smoothly and involves minimal clicks.

I have to snail-mail my US taxes (complications of living and working in another country). The papers are in the envelope and ready to go. Has it happened yet? Nope.
I spent the day carrying around said envelope and didn’t mail it. I was downtown in a major metropolitan city and had a short pocket of free time, and I think I walked into the one store without a post office attached to it.
I‘m pretty sure I mostly trip through life. The upshot is it makes friends (and me) laugh, and compensating for it tends to lead to some decent ideas.