Insert Swearish Rant Here


go f*ck yourself!!!!

sitting there muttering under your breath, swearing, smashing at the computer.... yeah, the same computer you just paid how many hundreds of dollars to fix???? money's tight, but no, go ahead and keep smashing the mouse on the keyboard. Want a crowbar?????

after 5 rounds of tantrum, I ask what's wrong, because you're clearly looking for attention, and oh so predictably you swear at me and start a fight

Well, I have boundaries. When you turn superbitch, I leave. BOUNDARY!!!! No, that's not ''sulking'', I'm not not ''being a bitch'', I'm not ''running away''. No, I'm not sticking around for your shit and abuse just because you're having a temper tantrum over some minor thing, yet again. No I'm not going to help you with that minor thing while you're yelling and swearing at me. BOUNDARY!!!! You superbitch, I leave.

Yup, keep yelling and swearing at me.... I'm still enforcing my boundary, it's not up for negotiation. Leaving now, no discussion to be had.

you know, we all have emotions... part of adulting is realizing that you don't always have to react in a volatile way to those emotions

and you certainly don't get to splash your shit on me again & again & again just because you don't want to acknowledge that ^^^^

so go f*ck yourself!!!!!

Disagreeing with you is not ''censoring'' you. Asking you what's wrong when you're having yet another tantrum is not ''censoring you''. I am not censoring you.... stop conflating me with other people.

YOU are the reason I first decided not to have kids. Long before Ladybug and Munchkin were killed. Because I knew I could never trust you with my babies. I absolutely would not let them be yet another defenseless generation of this family seeing volatile, out of control, emotionally immature, abusive adults who can't admit that there's a problem. My babies would not learn to lose control, yell, swear, and lash out, before taking a deep breath and trying to work the problem. But after 5 generations.... maybe it's genetic? Our f*cked up genes can't be allowed to contaminate the future gene pool, so it ends with me. I have to be the one to sacrifice.... I'm the one who has to not be a mom. SO GO f*ck YOURSELF!!!!!

and that's why we have no family, the one's that aren't dead won't have anything to do with you. That's why you're all alone, without even a single friend. Because you're hateful. Because they have boundaries too, and have no reason to put up with your shit.

Go f*ck yourself!!!!!!


I hate the harm you do me. The gaslighting. The hypocrisy. At least your pomposity makes me laugh but that's a very small silver lining. Interactions with you are f*cking terrifying for me. I have learned the best thing for me is to give you nothing at all of me, works best to minimise my considerable distress after interacting with you. You are supposed to be my f*cking support worker for f*cks sake. f*ck you very much.