Insert Swearish Rant Here

The so called “father figures “ in my life have sucked azz! My biological father was a prick, my stepfather was basically absent, and don’t get me started on some supposedly loving heavenly father who’s supposed to be willing his way about the clouds….if i was to worship any beings who were basically anthropomorphic ideations, it would be the woman. I’m a man(unfortunately) and we suck. Be kind to yourself and others, kiddos.
persistent nightmares are the bottom I bounce off of in this life. Having to constantly re weave the fabric of your life just to decide if 3:00 is an AM and a dream or a PM and you just came too after a horribly violent encounter with something that kicked your f*cking ass again gets really old after a few cycles. But normal after a few dozen? Define normal for me, I am betting that most people aren't convinced they just got in a head on with a motorhome or run over by a dump truck or tossed free of a left behind motorcycle, I don't think this is normal, but is becoming a norm, again, shit
Well, I suppose I should have visited this thread several days ago, but here goes...

Do not do something nice for me then try to hold it over my head. If you can't do it out of the kindness of your heart then don't do it at all.

And for the sake of all that is holy, mind your own fuc*ing business.

If I want to sell a piece of furniture that was donated to me because I've purchased new furniture, then it is my choice to make, not yours.

And stop being butt hurt over every little thing that others do because you have worn out the victim role and ya need to get a serious grip on your unhealed PTSD and stop blaming everyone and everything else.

K, nuff said.
Do not give advice about medicine that you know nothing about!! You read an article. BFD!! You don't know 💩 and now you freaked him out. I could smack the 💩 out of you, you little 💩!!!

This isn't the end of this. I will give you a piece of my mind!!


The minute you said it I knew what he would do with your "advice". You're such a dumbass!!
F*ck sake we’ve lost the only decent manager we have. You’d think a company who’s losing staff constantly in one geographical area would look at the situation and think maybe there’s something wrong. 21 have left in the last two years, 14 of them in the last year since management changed. And now the only good one has had enough of the others’ sh*t and is offski. F*cking fantastic.
just last friday I spent an hour picking and pushing out all of the pea gravel that had wedged into the cracks between the boards on my trailer deck. I didn't want to have rocks falling out and hitting cars behind me at freeway speeds, even though they were just little rocks and pretty well lodged in place. Sooo, good deads are always punished and this Friday I am waiting for information regarding having my windshield replaced because I caught a rock thrown by a commercial vehicle whos driver has most likely been told to check for loose debris before hitting the road. Who knows what other parts of his commercial drivers license training he ignores, or if the insurance company covering his actions has made it clear to his boss that too many claims can cost him big money, check for loose objects, always.
It's okay, at least by new normal standards, I have insurance that will pay for the whole thing. Thats because me and thousands of other hapless drivers pay into a fund that covers our losses. Thanks other hapless drivers! And thank you, insurance company for holding onto that big pool of money we have all laid out.
Some days you just cant win, unless you have been losing so long that there is enough cash built up in your loser fund to cover today's losses. Still not a win, but I broke even (?)
If i think you are lieing to me, i will tell you. But you thought i was lieing to you so you came to my house and convinced my wife she needed to climb a ladder to look in a box that she told you i had checked and it didnt have anything of yours in it. So you thought she was lieing when she told you i checked? you thought i was lieing when i said it was just sleeping bags and tent groundclothes?
Now, you have called us both liars, and sent a disabled woman up a ladder to prove our honesty? The next time you think i am lieing, you call me and i will find the fastest route to you, we will settle this.
Safety from my wrath is something you no longer enjoy mother f*cker. Make fist for me, i want it. More than you will ever know you snivelling coward worthless piece of shit.
Been quite a while since I've bitched about my job here. So here goes again. 😁

Just sign the goddamn thing!

Every delivery you have to sign this load sheet, every-f*cking-time.
I have to sign the stupid f*cking thing in about 15 redundant places, you only have to sign it once.
God forbid I miss one of them, then you go all barracks lawyer on me, whine and bitch until I f*cking sign every stupid made up place you can come up with. But noooo. The one stupid signature I need? I have to pull your teeth out to get it.

I really enjoyed our little staring contest today. Guess what asshole? I'm paid by the hour. I can and will, stare at you all day until you sign the stupid thing.

Another thing.
Get out of my damn way.
If I want your help, I'll send you off to find someone qualified.
It's offloading a trailer not rocket science. Standing directly in my path in the hopes of catching something that might fall off a pallet? Is at best annoying, at worst stupid, nowhere in between is it useful. Move.
People who cannot f*cking drive.

Look pal, I know it’s muddy, I know your car is clean. But you’re going to have to suck it up and MOVE THE f*ck OVER. You are in a 4x4, you can do it.

Then you get some absolute f*cking weapon in a teeny car who is making a meal out of trying to get through a gap I could *literally* drive a bus through.

Sometimes I just want to get out, reach through the windscreen and smack the shit out of people 🤬