Insert Swearish Rant Here

The slacker at work is going to make me lose my gd mind!!! We will eventually have words if someone doesn't address it.

Maybe I'll only work when she does and we'll see what actually gets done. F*#king BIt*h!!!
Replacing suicidal ideation with homicidal ideation… since 1776 😉


((Yes, yes, I know the VA didn’t come along until later… but f*cked upped ness by any other name still smells as shite… to misquote the damn bard!))

- In 1776, the Continental Congress authorized halfpay pensions for life for those with loss of limb or other serious disability. Only 3,000 Revolutionary War veterans ever drew any pensions. As history repeats itself, unexpected developments move us forward.

- US Govt paid UNION vets during the civil war $75 for each leg, $50 for each arm or foot, and $50 for apparatus for resection.

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Grrrrr!!!! What an idiot! f*cking idiot! My god you are so f*cking stupid and so f*cking selfish. “bUt It WiLl OnLy Be FiVe DoLlArS pEr MoNtH” 🫠 Got me when I was down with COVID you piece of shit. Now we have an extra $50 per month for god knows how long. f*cking hell, get f*cked. 🥾🍑
im currently at work and f*cking swearin like a sailor some one asked me if i have tourettes some one in there infinate wisdom jumpd out at me hes currently nursing a bust lip and i have told him time and time again what would happen f*ck it and f*ck everyone who doent understand ptsd and the issuse it causes