Insert Swearish Rant Here

If you can't tell the difference between fact and opinion, don't lecture me. Don't give me medical advice you got from some guy on YouTube. Don't send me YouTube videos with an animal vet giving medical advice on vitamins he's selling for people and has a huge disclaimer about how it's just his opinion but you still see it as fact. Don't tell me your favorite politician was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 4 times, as if that's an honor, and the current politician who was only nominated once is trying to start World War III when your politician posted World War III on his Truth Social account after he was arrested. You know what? Just stop talking to me. Or as @Friday would say, "f*ck off!". And for f*ck's sake don't stop by!!!
People are so f*cking ignorant! God I’m glad we usually avoid city centre cortège routes as much as humanly possible. Who the f*ck stands and gawps at a hearse trying to film it whilst the family gets into the car? Answer is an entirely unrelated family it seems. Also, news f*cking flash, walking in front of me whilst I’m paging the hearse is massively disrespectful you ignorant c*nt. I can guarantee that wherever you’re going that requires you to do so is less important than the journey I’m leading. for a second there I actually thought the satisfaction of whacking the bastard with my cane would be worth getting fired for!

If you’re rich or famous or both a whole town/city/country shuts down and people silently line the streets or chuck flowers or whatever. But if you’re just a normal person then nobody gives a f*ck anymore.
Listen here you little 12 year old shit cocks. I get it, you are at that special point in your life where fart and dick jokes are the most clever thing your hormone addled mind can come up with. And yes, for every little boy it is ABSOLUTLY instincintual to draw a penis on anything you think you can get away with. There is cave art and petroglyphs of phallases all over the world in caves and tombs, it is universal. That being said the piss poor dick drawings you drew with your greasy little fingers on my metal elevator doors in my lobby show how uncreative and talentless you are. Draw some stick figures coppulating, write some witty diagologe to go with it, Throw a few pubes on it next time at minimum. I give your art a 2/10.
* Flying spider wasp!!! 🤬

And then my kid told me I was turning into my mother. 🤨

What the f*ck, universe?

I’m going back to bed now. We’ll try this again, later.

* It’s actually a type of Queen-wasp that mutates (like grasshoppers do into locusts) into this freakish… horrifying. terrible. thing… when out scouting for places to build a new nest. So one doesn’t see them more often than once every few years or so. They look like flying spiders. They sound like WWII planes crash landing. They’re venomous. They sting. They’re scary as f*ck. All your instincts scream RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! …and are not wrong. Shudder.
BITCH! LISTEN TO ME! Do NOT start bitching about your printer not working, and how my son didn't fix it! I work my ass off outside in this high 80s, low 90s heat with no trees to block the sun, and drive your ass where ever you need to go, do everything you can't and you have the nerve to complain with that touch of nastiness that means you are going to have a full on bitch fest any moment! Do not communicate to me that way or I will just walk away. You love to blame and cut into people's psyches - however you f*cking spell it - and destroy them because you are too babyish to get your printer started. Try. You just have to f*cking SIGN IN!!!! My son did "fix" it. Just get off your sainthood and be a person.

I feel better now.
Just what the f*ck!

For well over 6 years I've been battling my landlords because they want to fit a patio door in the lounge. A patio door that will be in a garden with no natural or artificial light, so anyone getting into the garden can access these doors.

I was stalked! He was caught by the rear door and you want to put a full glass door in right where anybody accessing the garden will have complete privacy to do whatever they want because no one will be able to see them!

Today they excelled in their level of sheer f*cking stupidity! Now they want to move me temporarily into a ground floor floor flat WITH patio doors to the secluded garden, but for my peace of mind, they'll block off the bottom half so it doesn't look like a door.

Gonna bitch my family out here...

Not one of you even considered J and I. Nobody thought about where we would sleep. It's 40 degrees outside and we're expected to sleep in a tent. (With no heat because if we run an extension cord we'll pop the fuse)

And Dad, he makes a stupid rude "joke" at our expense that we should pretend we're on bivouac and we should "be tough ". Seriously, you make a fuc*ing joke that a highly decorated combat veteran should "be tough". On Memorial Weekend!!!! WTF!! F*ck you!!

And T didn't give a shit if we were coming up until he wanted us to bring dad up on Friday. You can f*ck off too.

It must be awesome being entitled.

Have fun, in your nice warm beds, assholes.
F*cking social services honest to god a f*cking chimp could run it better. A month since I reported on mother’s latest cuckoo-ery and they’ve done nada. She could be lying dead for all anyone knows. F*cking useless no wonder the abuse I suffered went unchallenged, unnoticed and ignored. No f*cking wonder. It’s not improved any in 30 years. Also whilst I’m at it, f*ck the tories and their chronic underfunding of everything.
I've tried every goddamn pill out there, seriously! I let my p doc talk me into just another one. Now I'm back on one that's just like all the others I've tried before that. But this one has its own unique sense of humor. It's making me feel suicidal and aggressive as f*ck.
Whoop-de-doo! Simultaneously it's turning me into a zombie with a massive headache.
So here I am, staring at my dog, who's my family, my best buddy, my everything. He's literally all I've got left. But right now, I look at him and feel absolutely nada. I'm just sitting around, waiting until these damn meds wear off and I'm only dealing with SI again. This is the last darn pill I've ever tried in my entire life. None of the things I've tried have made a dent in this soul-crushing depression and hopelessness and I'm f*cking done with all of them.
If my P doc won't get me into K treatment, I'll find my own way. Can't be worse than what I've already tried including black market therapy, that also f*cked me up royally.
I'm just so f*cking done! Screw big pharma and their f*cking pills, seriously! If I could I'd shove them down their throats. My vision is all blurry, my heart rate is off the charts, I'm shaky, can't even sleep, and my tongue feels like it's doubled in size and itching like crazy. It's like I'm munching on batteries all the time.
Promising and safe treatments are over-regulated by some ugly rich, old, white dudes who are raking in the dough with their overpriced meds. It's about time they have a massive heart attack or go on a fancy submarine vacation. Who cares about exploding billionaires, right? Not me. But blame it all on my meds.
Bitch move yo ass off the gym mat if all you’re going to do is sit and watch your boyfriend go through the social media motions.
And while we’re at it, we ain’t 10 no more. We can go places and do shit on our own, we don’t need 5 cheerleaders for one scrawny brat to bang out 3 reps with form even a chimp would be disgusted by.
I f*cking knew I was going to have to scrape your blacked out ass off the carpet in my lobby hallway when you stumbled in from the bar this evening. Luckily I saw you before a guest did and thought you had overdosed or had alcohol poisoning. But like a good little baby sitter I helped you to your f*cking room with the help of your barely conscious "friend". At least I have the dignity to make it to my own bed under my own steam before passing out from a vodka binge.