Insert Swearish Rant Here

@Freddyt Paperwork is the number 1 reason I periodically end up checking out of society. I can have tens of thousands in the bank & be homeless, sleeping on the beach, because? Leases, IDs, all the “pocket litter” that tells a person “who” they are becomes totally beyond me.

It’s also my personal catch22 in receiving any kind of help. If I’m bad off enough to need help? There’s no way in hell I can actually request it. Because? Motherf*cking paperwork. >.< By the time I’m actually able to manage paperwork, or hiring lawyers to do it for me? I no longer need help
If I’m bad off enough to need help? There’s no way in hell I can actually request it. Because? Motherf*cking paperwork.
Paperwork and PTSD don't mix....when you are good - you can do paperwork, when you are bad - its impossible.

Actually put a comment in there that I probably couldn't even sweep floors - because I would spend half my time looking for the damn broom.....
f*ck the assholes out there selling fentanyl or lacing other products with it. f*ck them for killing people, (my niece). I hope hell has a special place of eternal damnation for them.
Administration had to shut down an account today because it was determined they were a troll. wtf is wrong with people? This is a forum of people with PTSD trying to help one another...we've been through hell. And you're going to create an account, write stuff about yourself (that probably isn't true) ineract with other members as if you have this horrible disorder, too! For what? Sick f*ck! Go be a f*ckstick somewhere else.
Does paperwork breed??? And why the F#ck does it show up when you are just starting work on really heavy stuff in therapy??

And why the F%ck cn nobody in a government office just say it.....just flat out say...if you want this we need - way more fun to f*ck around on the phone for hours and have someone else in a whole different department tell you what they want......eight or ten people later and you can translate the f&ck around language and find out what they really want is simple...............
My ex girlfriend and her family are c*nts. And I'm pissed off with my counselor because when I heard one of their new songs recently disrespecting me and I told him and he said "there's any number of reasons they would have used that word" just making out I was being paranoid about it. Something better would have helped. I'm just f*cked off.

f*cking shitballs. Huh...sigh... 🤪
I used to have a crazy boss who once told me that she believes that Ted Bundy had found god before he was executed and that "we" would be seeing him in heaven. What the f*ck??? Christianity is a hell of a drug. No matter what heinous acts people commit, as long as they start believing in god they deserve eternal happiness. They don't even have to become a better person, as long as they are trying their best :) Bullshit. Some people don't deserve to get better and be forgiven. Some people deserve to suffer for the things they've done to other people. It is impossible for my abusers to feel the pain and terror that I felt as I child when they were drugging and raping me because they are/were adults, but I wish it were possible. And I wish they would feel it.

Woke up angry and my therapist canceled our next appointment (after prompting me to do really hard and distressing things last time) for a labor day celebration. Who even gives a f*ck about labor day?
I can't find the vent thread. Went to work outside since safestad thing to do this morning, Guy gave me encouragement, thought how unusual, never hear it. Thought today, y sisters were/ are all as*holes. One today told me yet again to go kill myself, how I was a mistake being born, and how she is going to celebrate, describing how in detail, when I am dead. And she is the 'loving one' of the 3. Jekyl and Hyde. Always screws up/ sabotages/ ruins every/any. weekend. I. have. off. And herself is going on vacation in 2 days. Or not. I get that the so-called INFJ door slam is actually slammed closed by the other person, that I get. Thought I'd actually prefer to be dead today, because there is no way out.