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Introduction AI Welcome Testing


I am currently running an AI test to welcome new members. The largest initial problem is that there will be cross-over with existing threads within introduction, being:
  • It is programmed to respond one time only to a new thread posted in that forum.
Any response to an existing thread within introductions will trigger the AI single response. So ignore that please.

Once existing threads die down, all the new ones will get that single response immediately after the author posts their new thread, negating ongoing issues, as old threads auto lock after x time.

You won't get a response from the AI if referencing them or quoting them, as it is limited to one per thread in that forum only.

The AI is on a combined approach, to empathise / recognise what the poster is saying unique to every post, provide some info I want displayed, and has limits to not diagnose, ask questions, and a few other things.

It is in testing and its programming will be adjusted as issues rise. For example, it recommended adding trigger warnings based on the content of an introduction, which we don't do here, which is now adjusted that the AI not recommend such disclaimers.
It’s a little ooey-gooey + generic… which is an odd combo. It seems like an almost impossible task to target personality of the person introducing themselves with such little info.
Yer, it wasn't triggering correctly, it was using example statements as actuals, and other issues. I have to find a balance within a single reply, but be welcoming at the same time.