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Is your PTSD Cup size changing?

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Being 62 and not working, not having family close. Lack of motivation or interest in most things.

Within your whole post, I found your approach to life with the positive reframe so beautiful to read and inspiring. Ahhhh, 62 was a rough transition for me- I feel you. I felt so lost during that time. Too young for this or that support agency, too old to do as I pleased, and no chance of overtime to goal set for purchasing. Plus...so many things were (you know the phrase) ‘been there: done that’. I was sooo underwhelmed too.

Being near my age, I wonder 🤔... do you enjoy cooking? I found the neatest gadget that changed my life into more joy- the Instant Pot. It is an electric pressure cooker (not the old time style) with zillions of recipes now on the internet. Comes with a trivet and cooks safer, faster and with the nutrients intact. I cooked a 12 hour venison roast for Christmas (pardon if that offends) in 2 and an half w/ the Instant Pot. Best darn roast I ever did! Check it out and think of gardening and freezing in a breeze. Beets and veggies ...zip-ity-do-dah. Gave me a project and I could increase my nutrition lowering my depression.

Just a share or thought...not necessarily a good one for you.
ps... I normally agree with Friday’s take. And yes, parents can be a pain at any age or blessing (their choice).
Recovery4Me- You get me! Was going to join gym after holidays last year but covid hit. My daughter has the insta pot and loves it. I was thinking about the latest "air fryer" which I am hearing so much good about. Sometimes I do like to cook, but am moody about it. I have always been one that eats to live...so...its something to think about.

I have lived in a 1909 home for more than 25 years. Over the years I have painted everything inside more than once. Refinished floors, learned to tile, put in showers, put in a patio, etc. Refinished furniture, etc. After two rotator cuff surgeries in 2013 and 2014, I have had to give much of that up. I have always loved home projects. When Im done, Im pretty exhausted though. Before spring, I do need to remove wallpaper and paint the dining room. That will end up a month job because of some shelving/closet to go in that I will have to have done. Just can't get the motivation. I have wanted explore moving for past several years and the house is too big, but resistance from husband.

Also, my fibromyalgia and cfids has been in full swing for quite a while.

That inst pot sounds awesome, and while I dont usually eat venison, sounds wonderful.
Wow! You do a h3ll of a lot of impressive remodeling. I am almost jealous of the tasks you took on. Old homes that I have lived in brought almost another form of presence into my life. I really can’t put my finger on it but it is a rich experience froth with a to-do list at times. I did so enjoy it when I was younger and could tackle more.

Fibromyalgia and cfids is a beast. I will have to look up cfids but I have met quite a few with Fibro. 🤗 so darn unpredictable with it’s energy flows and pain. You are so courageous. I have Ménière’s and the beginning stages of MS. I am not trying to compete but I am trying to offer this- on my good days I am often less stressed. Disease has a way of wearing one down. There are so many members here that fight the good fight with all the challenges that effect PTSD.

The air fryer Instant Pot! I can’t wait for mine (not that type) to wear out so I can try it! Lol I don’t live to eat either but I do enjoy the time saving quality which allows me to try new meals. Because my needed diet excludes so many of my old tradition repertoire (think Southern Style) I had becomes quite bored plus often too exhausted for vigorous cooking.

But I hear you, really. I want more than housework and cooking (just like those good ole’ adventurous outdoors, artsy or project based days). However, my body won’t even listen.😉 Heck, I get excited walking my Schnauzer (who has infinite more energy than I even remember having lol). I don’t think I would have enough for a husband 😁-good for you! Stay safe and thanks for sharing.
Yes the enjoyment of transforming old houses is priceless....until it's not anymore. I know only a little about Menieres and that it can cause serious vertigo as well as other problems. MS is very serious....you really do need to keep stress down and take good care of yourself. No competition here. There are so many ways illness comes out and immune disorders are prevalent among trauma folks.

CFIDS, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome came to me after the birth of my last child 31 yrs ago, when it was very severe and I tested positive for Epstein Barr virus. I am positive I would test positive right now too...just haven't been tested. Had much good life in between, so I won't complain. Just miss feeling good and being an over achiever.

Im glad you found that instant pot. Eating healthy is so important. I think water is key also.....a lot of water for health.
Well, I dont have energy for a husband either, none the less, he is still here. lol
I think I do the same thing and it brings relief and it also, causes the same, oh wow, this is bigger now feeling. However any random new can bring me discomfort at the worst of symptoms. So I say if it works for you follow through with the positive thought enforcement. If that makes sense.
How I manage my stress cup has been getting better so I gues sthat means its getting bigger. There are however bumps in the road, or sometimes washboard, or a cliff. Still those skills still help. What we dug up the last time I saw my T would have put me flat on the floor a few months ago but I seem to be managing, at times just barely, to hang in there when a few months ago it would have badly affected me.
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