Sufferer its still going mental torture at night but....changing

Mr Canis

great progress, mister canis. go, team, go. i do, muchly, see my own recovery as a team effort. one cannot climb a lifeline which is attached only to one's own belt. team effort required and my therapy support network is a mighty fine team. some days. . . i fake it 'till i make it on the other days.

for what it's worth
i favor the theory that nightmares are more complex than sweet dreams. trauma and anxiety are pulling from different data banks than dreaming about a picnic in the park. while the picnic in the park stays more true to it's source, trauma/anxiety dreams add on repression, denial and other secondary trauma.

just a theory. proof unavailable. for certain, not all dreams are created equal.
… not all dreams are created equal: it’s just some are more equal than others… couldn’t help myself I love Orwell books