Last movie or tv series you watched?

Last day of the TT onthe Isle of Man. Feeds one of my old "burn it off" bad habits.....160-170 mph through the middle of towns, and today add the sidecars in. Not like what you would normally imagine, racing sidecars less than 2' tall and the "monkey" hanging all over the back of the bike with a grab rail and a couple handles wth your head tucked at speed so you can't evensee where you are going at 140 mph. And now they have onboard cameras........hypervig monster is getting fed......
First Ladies on showtime. I want to know more about Eleanore, this show stopped at the united nations declaration of human rights, so much more after that, we need another show about her later in life
@Friday, I never heard of The Boys. How is that possible? Gonna have to check it out!!

I finished season 2 of The Flight Attendant. Meh. I love the story line but she's so neurotic she gets me all amped up too.

I started the series Pennyworth and I'm totally into it. It's about the young Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler. Great characters and writing! ❤️

J and I are watching Locke and Key. I like it but it's more his style. SyFy.