Last movie or tv series you watched?


Well last night I recorded half a dozen old Godzilla movie. They were made from the early fifties on. The older ones are kinda cool. The special effects looked like moving dioramas. The only problem I had was that Godzilla kept lighting everything on fire. The ultimate arsonist.

I would close my eyes during those scenes...finally had to turn it off mid way. I have a bunch more to watch to test myself.


Killing Eve - series 4, episodes 4 & 5. The acting from Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh and Fiona Shaw in this programme have been brilliant. Particularly love Jodie Comer 😌

I also watched Luca, really nice little animation, I wasn't sure if I'd like it but I did.


Oh my gosh. My dad used to keep me up late at night to watch all of these and all of the '50 horror movies. I LOVE Godzilla. Do you have a favorite? Mine is Godzilla vs. Mothra.
I like Mothra. My favorite is Godzilla vs. Megalon. As kids, they were amazing. Now its tha model making skill that stands out, and the number of hours spent making those miniatures.

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Do you have a favorite?
Well truth be told I stopped watching them...I deleted the half dozen that I had recorded. When I'm triggered by the arson I'm supposed to turn myself into Godzilla. However watching the Godzilla movies isn't good for me. Godzilla keeps lighting everything on fire...not great for me... triggers me. I like the old ones I guess...the dubbing English over Japan language. Lips are completely out of sync. Lol