Last movie or tv series you watched?


I've been getting into ball games again. The pace of the game is nice and I'm remembering positive things from when I played. Trying to forget a little league coach that burned my house down around me and my family.
Pace of the game helps to not get you wound up too.

Watching lots of summer and fall sports. Rugby league from England, Rugby League from Australia (the fall sports part), baseball and Canadian 3 Down football....


So true @Freddyt , the slower pace can be you say prevents you from getting wound up. Im watching a ball game right now ...following the diamondbacks. I have another set to record today too.

I've not ever watched rugby but looks like compelling sport. I'm so glad you are also getting down with sport. I'm going to look around to see if a game is being broadcast here.
Last night I watched the new ‘24 hours in police custody’. It’s a documentary series, new episodes are pretty rare so I was very intrigued. This one was a 2-part Documentary about the murder of a year 6 year old boy. Super famous case, awfully sad. Justice was served in the end… 20 years late but they got some some dedicated detectives in the end