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Laughing and crying in EMDR

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linda Marie

New Here

I've recently started EMDR. I cry and laugh. Its a new thing for me. I dont understand it but think my body is fearful of something. My therapist also asked me to do a firebreath. I couldn't as I kept laughing. And my mind wouldn't let me do it. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of doing it in front of him I'm comfortable in front of him. The next session after I could do it. Once we spoke about my uncle RIP i would cry and then laugh and then cry. We spoke about other things when he was trying to trigger emotions. Same thing happens.
I think both therapists and my partner are a bit surprised by it. Cos now I am doing it at home.

Also I don't get emotions, images, feelings, memories. I only ever cry and feel warm....my mind is afraid of summit. Not sure any therapist can get over it.
hello linda. welcome to the forum.

i had to look up, "firebreath." my search engine delivered such a diverse set of possibilities that i'm not sure whether to laugh, cry or just shrug. cartoons, yoga, software and circus clowns, to name but a few. can you explain what it means here? just curious. . .

i've never done formal emdr, but a recurring theme on my own recovery road is that exploring a new aspect of my condition tends to bring forth unpredictable mixes of emotions. laughter/tears. shame/guilt. anger/fear. etc/etc. the emotional cocktails vary widely and i never seem able to predict which will come tumbling out in which doses. however confusing they are at the start of the inundation, the mixes often start to make sense as i let them and the therapy play themselves out.

but that is me and every case is unique.

steadying support while you sort your own case.
welcome aboard.
Hahaha thank you a fire-breath is when you breath in deeply and then breath out really quick and expell all the air.

I'm not afraid of cry-laigh-cry-laugh, its just strange and I'm thinking wtf is this.

I'm hoping in behind it all....I am healing and with time it will all make sense. Having been able to do the firebreath on my next session after being unable to do it after numerous attempts for me is hope for me.
thank you for the explanation, @linda Marie. i suspected the yoga angle, but? ? ? it was fun to learn how to fire breath like a circus clown. looks easy enough that it might be fun to pull one of those fire breaths on my foster kids, ages 9, 7 and 4. we'll see what grows.

the most important tool i've found in my own recovery work is to just keep stepping. itsy bitsy baby steps.
my mind is afraid of summit.
That’s the most telling thing, IMO. The realization that you’re skittering aroooound something.

The upside to that? Is being able to flirt around the edges of it, defining it by shape, and the ability to move in closer the more familiar you are with that shape.
I have laughed every session of therapy - right from session 2. When my T say "so how have things been?" cue the laughing.

There are other emotions I have trouble reaching - which I understand is normal for PTSD.

I only ever cry and feel warm....my mind is afraid of summit. Not sure any therapist can get over it.
It all comes out in its own time. Be invested in your therapy and it will come out - when you are ready for it.
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