Log Your Daily Exercise

Rani G2

Blackemerald1 hope they won’t hurt as much next time

Yesterday: It took me Hrs to get back to bodywork, autoimmune diseases suck
40 mins, hopping, climbing up and down a bench amd using resistance bands for arms, back and legs.


👋 Hi, I'm new here! I hope it's ok if I join in.
My main things are running, riding horses and swimming. I try to do gentle yoga to stretch, but I tend to lose motivation for it.
Today, I ran about 2.5 miles and rode 2 horses.


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ran a little over 2 miles, rode 2 horses, 30 min each

Am I the only one still doing this thread? Or am I the only exercisng? 🤣
Well, it's that time of year. 😂 I imagine we'll all get real motivated after New Year's.

I did hike 3.3 miles, yesterday, and did most of my PT exercises. I danced some today and will probably still do some shoulder exercises.


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Yesterday: Jumping jacks, resistance band, bench excercises

Today: Jumping jacks, stretching, resistance bands loops for upper body and glute. Bored :/
There's always rock-out dance. It's never boring. At least not for me. 😁 I do a lot with resistance bands, too, these days.

I did an hour of PT exercises, today, and am heading out for a hike in about 45 minutes.